Black Friday Online

Jay Park, Staff Reporter


With Black Friday coming around the corner, we can divide shoppers into two categories. On one side are the people with their camping gear set outside the stores before midnight. On the other side are those who are just looking to see what can be salvaged of the store after the initial wave of shoppers. However, with the rise of popularity in technology, comes a new kind of shopper.

  It’s the morning of Black Friday and yet here you are on your couch, lazily drifting through the Internet. The television in front of your eyes drones on about the freezing weather outside. Your unfocused and half-asleep eyes suddenly sharpen into focus. The next moment, all your hand motions become a blur. Your hands are flying across the computer typing in your credit card number and clicking the green purchase button for that incredible 50 percent off deal on that pan you never planned on buying. You fall back on your couch and resume your relaxed position, hunting for more deals along with your friendly companion, coffee, next to you.

  It has been said technology has made us lazy and dependent on machines to do the work for us. However, what is better about standing in line for hours hoping for a chance to get a possible deal you were looking for, but most likely end up purchasing useless items like kitchenware? All the time and energy do not have to be wasted.

  In recent years, online shopping websites, mainly Amazon, have been skyrocketing with shoppers during Black Friday. Amazon is the reason why stores such as Walmart or Target have started losing customers.

  Stores require heavy maintenance and manpower to function, and such comes at a cost, deducted from sales profit. Online websites do not require this process. The comfort of not having to spare gas and time to travel to a store and buying items for a generally cheaper deal was Amazon’s selling point. Now, they have started offering attractive and appealing sales rivaling that of those many would wait hours for during Black Friday. Slowly but surely, shoppers are transitioning into buying online.

  In fact, Amazon has gained twice the number of purchases during Black Friday in the past two years: a major milestone. Soon, we can only guess more customers will follow suit.

  You may ask, where does that leave Cyber Monday? It is true Cyber Monday was designated the official public date for exceptional sales for online retailing, but the line between Black Friday and Cyber Monday seems to blur considering how many websites are offering sales, regardless of date. Amazon went as far as to promote their sales as “Countdown to Black Friday,” an event with various daily sales that leads up to massive discounts on Black Friday.

  Not everything is different, however. Amazon still encourages people to buy more items for a total discount like that of any normal store. However, the upgrade from the Black Friday we are used to cannot be denied.

  Now everyday people can compete with hardcore shoppers loaded on caffeine and lined outside stores in tents without even leaving the comfort of their homes.