Transitioning Your Wardrobe for the Winter


Emily Chang, A&E Editor

When the breeze starts to pick up, the temperature drops and the leaves start falling, winter is in full force and a warm-weather wardrobe no longer makes the cut. However, especially in Santa Clarita, it is too expensive to buy a whole new wardrobe for weather that lasts only a few months.

Here are a few simple additions that can help upgrade your wardrobe to be ready for the winter time.

  1. Turtleneck
    The beauty of a turtleneck can be summed up in one word: layering. Especially when your summer wardrobe consists of a bounty of dresses, layering a turtleneck underneath allows you to repurpose those dresses for colder weather. No matter what the current trends are, turtlenecks are a timeless piece that will work every winter season. 
  2. Oversized denim jackets
    Not unlike turtlenecks, denim jackets are also incredibly useful for layering. Especially in Southern California, sometimes throwing a denim jacket over a summer outfit is all that is needed to give it a seasonal upgrade. Denim jackets are also incredibly accessible and inexpensive if purchased at a thrift store.
  3. Quarter  Zip
    A quarter zip pullover is another essential piece. The part-jacket-part-sweater hybrid is an elevated look from either of its counterparts. Quarter zip pullovers give one the comfort of a hoodie without the “rolled right out of bed” look that a hoodie sometimes suggests.
  4. Dark Wash Jeans
    While summer is typically the time for ripped, light wash jeans, nothing says winter like a pair of sturdy, dark wash denim. Jeans that flair out at the ankle are a nod to the ‘70s and make any outfit feel more put together. Thrift stores are another sure bet to find dark wash jeans, and for a decent price, too.
  5. Knit Cardigans
    Chunky, knit cardigans are a great addition to any closet during the wintertime. Jewel tones do an especially good job of bringing warm energy to any outfit. When paired with a skirt and ankle boots, a knit cardigan can make any outfit the epitome of winter fashion. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t take an entire shopping spree to transition your wardrobe for cold weather. A simple addition or two is all you need to get ready for the cold months ahead!