Music Insider — Emily’s “Night at the Opera”

October 12, 2016

  Every person has their own musical taste. One guy walks past wearing a grey Frank Zappa shirt. Another kid puts on one of her earbuds and lets the other one dangle loose while she listens to Tyler the Creator. Then there is that one kid who believes that a badly edited EDM remix of Chopin’s “Piano Concerto No. 2” by an unknown artist is the greatest music ever composed.  

  Whether it be Gaga or Garfunkel, the music students listen to is the music they stand by. I had the chance to run around the back of the school to the inner depths of the band hall, interviewing a variety of some very interesting West Ranch students. Bonding over Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” seeing someone pretend to strum an invisible guitar, and arguing over the length of a song — what began as formal interviews ended as laid-back conversations about music. Anyhow, here are your fellow Wildcats’ responses on the tunes that they listen to.

Emily Andrews (sophomore):

Jang: “Who is your favorite musician/band/group and why?”

Andrews: “Queen. The members and their music and everything about them just radiates greatness. They make different kinds of songs and incorporate different kinds of genres. They’re confident and industrious, and their creativity and energy blend together in every song and every performance to create something truly extraordinary. To me, they represent a vision of myself I aspire to be, something who expresses themselves freely and unashamed.”

Jang: “How do you feel when you listen to Queen?”

Andrews: “When I listen to Queen’s music, I feel energized. The confidence and effort they exude in their music has a way of crossing through the decades and impacting you every time you listen to it. Whether it’s your first time listening to a Queen song you enjoy or the 100th time, you’ll always feel the passion they put into it.”emilyPhoto by Mina Jang

Jang: “Why and how is Queen different from other rock bands and musical groups and singers?”

Andrews: “It’s hard to pin down because there’s just so many things that make Queen stand out. They work really well, and their talents merge together. The incredible uniqueness and creativity of every song, the passion they pour into every performance, the way they work together to ensure that everything they do as a team is amazing. I love the timelessness of their songs and the vast number of genres they cross through, and the confidence they radiate is truly something special. Queen is a one-in-a-million band, and I doubt the universe will ever see anything like it again. (Sighs) I wish Freddie wasn’t dead.”

Jang: “What songs do you like the most from Queen?”

Andrews: “That’s like choosing between children. Okay, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ ‘Too Much Love Can Kill You,’ ‘Innuendo,’ ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ and ‘I Want to Break Free.’ That’s my favorite music video, ‘I Want to Break Free,’ because they dress up like girls. ‘The Night at the Opera’ is made really well, and it works good together.”

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