Jobs of the Future

Doctors and lawyers always top the list when it comes to “successful” occupations. However this may not be the case in the next two to three decades. The ever-increasing advancements in technology will someday eliminate many of today’s jobs, as well as change others. For example, teachers will one day be replaced by avatars. Although this takes away a niche from our economy, it counters by adding more jobs. This is because in order to maintain a consistent and efficient avatar-teacher system, many jobs will be introduced in both tech and educational fields. Numerous jobs will face similar changes, and many jobs not here today will be essential in the future.

“The factors most effective in changing the future of jobs are the ever changing technological advances, global competition from other nations and our changing population that drive the consumer markets,” said Mrs. Cox, West Ranch’s marketing teacher.


Here are ten jobs that may seem strange today, but will be common by 2030. (Not in any particular order)

1)      Body part maker: Current technology such as the recently developed 3D printer are proving that humans can create functional body parts to support those with disabilities or injuries.

2)      Vertical farmers: With the increasing population, land will be harder to find for farms. The solution? Farms will be built like a vertical parking structure, with vegetation on each floor.

3)      Recombinant farmers: Same issue here. The increasing population will demand more food. To avoid shortages, recombinant farmers will be required to genetically modify foods.

4)   Elderly wellness consultant: Because the large current generation will become old, there will be a need for those to support the wellness of these elders.

5)   Weather modification police: It has been shown that people can modify the weather by altering specific conditions in an environment. To prevent people from messing with the  weather, special police must be installed in our society.

6)   Alternative vehicle developers: Fossil fuels are being depleted everyday, which means                   that new vehicles must be developed to support new energy sources.

7)   Virtual clutter organizer: Social media is big today, but it will be even bigger in the future. There will be virtual clutter organizers to help people sort out their lives on the internet.

8) Avatar Teacher Managers- In order to maintain a successful avatar, many people must create programs and processes in order to keep children educated. They say that replacing teachers with avatars maintains a net increase of jobs while replacing an “unnecessary” job (which most people do not agree with).

“You can’t go wrong with fields of health, science, computers, and technology.  I also believe that in the future you will be trained more specifically for your career field choice, like they do for Technically Training Schools,” explained Mrs. Cox.

As you plan for the future, don’t jump to conclusions, because by the time your turn comes, many occupations will hold different status. But as Mrs. Cox tells her students, always keep this in mind.

“If you are passionate about what you do then you never work a day in your life.”