Now Trending: Electronic Cigarettes

Vaping rose as an alternative to regular tobacco products, but unfortunately, it has spread to many new smokers.

“Vaping” rose as an alternative to regular tobacco products, but unfortunately, it has spread to many new smokers.

West Ranch students, along with numerous students all across America have engaged themselves with a new trend: vaping. The term “vaping” has become the euphemism for using electronic cigarettes, which are mimics of real cigarettes.

E-cigs, also called vape pens, were popularized as another alternative nicotine source, something that could be used to help smokers quit their habit. Electronic cigarettes are battery powered, and users have the ability to choose a liquid solution of their choice which supplies a varying amount of nicotine. People addicted to nicotine in the form of cigarettes or cigars are able to imitate the “hand-to-mouth” motion and dwindle their use of nicotine through these e-cigs. In this sense, electronic cigarettes have been saving many lives from the addiction to nicotine. However, this new product has been touching more lips than those of smokers trying to quit.

The bad thing about e-cigarettes is that they have been used by people who haven’t smoked a cigarette or cigar before, especially students in high school. Vape products are not regulated in the same way that other smoke related products are, which allows underage students to access the product. Adding on to this, e-cig companies seem to have targeted the youth audience by supplying solutions with appealing flavors such as fruits or cotton candy.

“It’s just like smoking a cigarette except it’s nicotine based instead of tobacco,” said Deputy Chelis, our school deputy. “This new trend is just like any other fad, and it’s popular just because it is the newest thing.”

With its appeal and targeting advertisements, the vape industry successfully built a fanbase, full of adolescents ranging from high school all the way down to elementary school in some cases. In doing so, the industry seems to have covered up many of the truths regarding this product. Many users ignore the fact that the e-cig liquids are usually a nicotine based product, which means it still comes with all the harms nicotine brings in other products. Not only is nicotine addictive, but it is also notorious for the numerous carcinogens associated with it. These health detriments are only the beginning for vapers. Continued use results in the same consequences as those of regular tobacco products, such as lung cancer. Some pens allow the user to replace the liquid solution with other, potentially more harmful substances such as wax. Many students all across the United States are starting to realize these facts as they make an effort to drop the habit.

“I started because many of my friends were starting to do it,” said a West Ranch student who wished to remain anonymous. “I regret spending money on this stuff and I am glad I was able to stop [vaping].”

This trending habit may seem very appealing, but it masks the many health and lifestyle detriments associated with it, and may be used as a stepping stone to lead to other, more serious drugs. It seems as if it was made with good intention, but at the same time, we must question if this is yet another one of the tobacco industry’s scams to make a few extra dollars.