Project 691 competes at FIRST Central Valley Regionals


Provided by Laura Arrowsmith

Project 691 members proudly show their trophy and accomplishments at the FIRST Central Valley Regional Competition.

Jenny Lee, Editor-In-Chief

From March 7 to March 9, the William S. Hart district robotics team competed in the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Central Valley Regional competition in Madera, Calif. Consisting of 33 members from the district, Project 691 constructed a robot for six weeks in preparation of the competition.

Inside West Ranch’s portable, the team has spent countless weekends drawing blueprints and planning ideas for their invention. To showcase their team spirit, Project 691 developed a theme this year that was “top secret” and confidential from other competitors and a new logo to represent their team. At the competition, the team’s members wore temporary tattoos, stickers, and buttons with the logo around the competition to show their passion and pride.

“This year, the robot had to shoot 24 inch exercise balls into a goal that’s about 8 feet off the ground and over a 10 foot high truss,” said member and West Ranch junior Tyler Arrowsmith.

Their efforts were worth it, as Project 691 won the Imagery Award at the competition.  An award that represents “outstanding visual aesthetic integration from the machine to the team appearance,” the Imagery Award was created in dedication to Jack Kamen. Dean Kamen, who founded the FIRST organization, created the Imagery Award in recognition of his father.

Many members of Project 691 were proud of their creation and enjoyed the experience.

“For me, the entire six week experience is always a treat and I enjoyed every last moment of it,” said Arrowsmith.

Project 691’s next and last competition of the year will be at the LA Regional Competition from March 20 to March 22 in which the team will compete against 30 teams from around the state, nation, and the world. Congratulations and good luck!

 G-Men with trophy Project 691 in pit with trophy Project Blackwing(1)