Ohana Means Family

The Ohana Rally was highlighted with a fire show finale.

Minjae Kang, A&E Editor

“Ohana means Family” in colorful letters greeted Wildcats as they gathered in the gymnasium for this year’s first rally. The gym, decorated with Hawaii-themed posters, was soon filled, and the Ohana Rally was underway.

Hosts  Patrick McClister, Ruth Perez, Deja Plazo, and Lexi Beltran introduced students Sheena Zamani and Rhoge Pierce, who sang the Star-Spangled Banner.

Afterwards, new principal Mark Crawford was introduced. Although this was his first rally as a Wildcat, he made sure to uphold tradition by leading each class in the sacred helmet chant. As expected, the seniors cheered the loudest, while the freshmen could barely be heard.

The junior varsity and varsity cheer teams were up next, and they gave a preview of what we will be seeing at the upcoming football games. As cheerleaders walked off the court, our very own drum line took the spotlight and impressed students with its exciting vibes.

The song ended, and the cheerleaders made their ways back onto the gym, and formed a pathway for fall sports varsity teams as they came running through the pathway. Good luck to cross country, girls’ golf, girls’ tennis, girls’ volleyball, and football. The new Pack leaders, Kobe Diamond, Christian Reyes, Zach Heinz, and Gustavo Ramos reminded Wildcats to come support the teams at their games, and welcomed everybody to be excited about the upcoming games.

Last but not least, the highlight of the rally was when two fire dancers took the gym as the lights were turned off. They performed their dances, wielding staffs with fire on both ends. The oohs and aahs of the crowds could be heard as the dancers threw their spinning staffs up, put the fire dangerously close to their bodies, and danced at the same time.

Overall, this first rally was a success, leaving students satisfied and pumped for the upcoming school year.

“We were so excited to put on this first rally with the Ohana theme in mind to really unite our school and make everyone feel welcome at West Ranch,” said junior Megan Waldau, who was one of the coordinators behind the rally. “In the 10 years of West Ranch, this was the only rally in which everyone stood up! I was so proud of our little Wildcat Ohana and it gave the rally an entirely new atmosphere.”

ASB promises many more exciting events in the near future.

“This year, we are adding a Halloween Rally,” says Waldau. “We haven’t had one in a couple of years and it should be super fun change from the Winter Rallies we’ve had the past couple of years.”

ASB really pulled off a show with this first rally, and made us proud to be a part of the Wildcat Ohana.