Parents go back to high school for Parent Shadow Day

Students were accompanied by their parents to class on Wednesday.

Minjae Kang, A&E Editor

On Thursday, Oct. 2, parents accompanied their Wildcats to school for the ninth annual Parent Shadow Day.

Like usual, parents and their children were first escorted into the gym where principal Mark Crawford welcomed them.

Afterward, the bell rang, and it was time for class.

“I was nervous myself because it felt like going into a new class on the first day of school,” said Patty Norona. She followed her son, Matthew Norona, into AP US History, where she was reminded of her own days in high school. The class was instructed to do a group activity, and students were encouraged to teach their parents what they had learned from the class.

At brunch, parents were able to meet their child’s friends, and they could explore the campus.

“West Ranch has a beautiful campus, and fun teachers,” said Norona.

Parent Shadow Day was an exciting day for parents, and it served to supply parents with the West Ranch experience.