Senior Sunrise

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Senior Sunrise

Candace Ro, News Editor

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  The air was brisk and seniors were wrapped up in blankets with cups of coffee on camping chairs. Sitting all over the turf field, the scene was full of laughter and contentment, despite the early hour. Students lined up on the track where ASB provided breakfast items such as bagels and string cheese.


  On Friday, the class of 2016 woke up extra early to meet at the field for the first of many senior activities.The purpose of Senior Sunrise seemed a bit self-explanatory (to watch the sunrise.) However, seniors came for all different reasons and had different experiences with their graduating class.


  Some almost couldn’t handle sacrificing precious sleep for the sunrise.


  “The sunrise made me feel tired because it was so early,” said Joshua Johnson.


  Others didn’t even want to go initially.


  “I went cause my friends forced me and I had to finish my project with another friend. I was also pretty sad cause the sun was covered by the clouds,” said Ethan Orlanes.


  And then there were seniors just looking for the free food.


  “One of the main reasons I went was for the free bagels. Holy cow, they were amazing,” said Claire Lee.


  Truthfully, most seniors came to the sunrise half-asleep, yet somewhat excited for what would happen. Although everyone had different feelings at the sunrise, they all celebrated the purpose of the event: watching the sunrise and spending time with the entire class of 2016.


  “I am definitely looking forward to graduating,” said Johnson.


  “After this event, I definitely feel like senior year is going to be good,” said Orlanes.


  Many feel like this sunrise was a great way to bond in the beginning of senior year.


  “I feel both excited to start senior year and sentimental because [senior sunrise] made me realize that high school really does pass by quickly,” said Lee. “I also came to start off my senior year on the right foot by being surrounded by so many supportive and loving people. It’s comforting and encouraging to just be around each other and watch the sunrise.”


  This moment of celebration came not as soon as the sun made an appearance, but when the whole class of 2016 gathered together to take a giant group picture. All the seniors were laughing and living in the moment – while being surrounded by the whole class of 2016.


  “It made me feel really great knowing that all of the seniors were up together super early to witness a beautiful sunrise and start our senior year on the right track,” said ASB member Allison Furmidge. “I’m definitely looking forward to all the senior events we have such as Homecoming and Prom. I want to make the most of my senior year and really just soak it all in with some of my favorite people.”
  A light haze covered the sky, making the anticipated sunrise not as beautiful as everyone had hoped for. Overall the event, however, was a success because the morning wasn’t defined by how beautiful or not beautiful the sunset was, but it was the presence of the whole senior class that made the event worth celebrating.