Alphabet is the New Google


Zoey Greenwald, Staff Writer

  When you think Google, you think Search Engine. But there is so much more to this company. That’s why the executives at Google have decided to change the name of the company to Alphabet; because Google isn’t the only thing that this company does. Google’s transition into the company Alphabet, poses a lot of questions — People really find it confusing. What is Alphabet? Why does Google have to change? And, most importantly, what does this mean for me?

  The change will give Google more freedom to do more than just Google search. The company has also been working on projects like self-driving cars, build-your-own smartphones, and “smart” contact lenses.

  Google wants to be known as more than just a search engine. Because it is. So, it makes sense to rebrand under a new name; everything from A-Z.

  Along with the name and logo change, Google has named a new CEO: Sudar Pichai. On the company’s new website (with the clever URL, He said, “Sergey [co-founder of Google] and I have been super excited about his progress and dedication to the company,”

  The change to Alphabet still, most likely, won’t affect your search engine or email. It’s just a separation from the original brand.

  But the specific rebranding may cause a problem for other companies. Alphabet is a popular brand name. A lot of other companies also use the Alphabet logo or Alphabet-related slogans. There are multiple fashion companies and even a hotel named under the name Alphabet.

  But, for the most part, the change is a good thing. It gives Google more freedom to expand. If you want to live forever, if you want to look at the stars from the comfort of your laptop, if you want to drive a car without having to lay a finger on the steering wheel, then don’t turn to Google:

  Turn to Alphabet.