Mix-It Up Day

Jay Park, Staff Reporter

MID1 On Oct. 11, the Yes I Can program held the event, Mix-It Up Day, to help students expand their circle of friends. Mix-It Up Day is a national campaign that teaches students to identify, question, and cross social boundaries.

  Yes I Can also held a full-day scavenger hunt to find different people with specific descriptions. Some included finding a person who played sports for the school or someone who wore the same shoes as you. This encouraged people to approach others they were not familiar with.

  “Students are going to have a lunch with someone they don’t know.” said Kanika Mapp, the advisor for Yes I Can for eight years.

  The event was held on the baseball field during lunch. The attendees were separated into five  different groups by mats on the grass.

  The atmosphere, despite meeting with many different strangers, was anything but awkward. People chatted left and right casually without an inflection of being forced. Topics such as classes and teachers were used as openers to more personal topics such as favorite games, or opinions of recent sports events.


  Some people played board games like the two attendees, Adam Ravenscroft and David Payner. A sophomore and senior respectively, they held a small game of chess on their mat.

  “Checkmate,” David said as he placed his rook into the range of Adam’s king.

  “Good game.” Adam replied as he started cleaning up the board.

  David described the lunch, “I enjoy the atmosphere, I don’t treat it like an official event, but just another way of meeting new people.”

  After students finished eating, people started to play a game of free-for-all dodgeball. People scattered all over the baseball field, laughing as they ran from those who chased them relentlessly.


  The chaotic environment also helped people who just met become friendlier under the instance of competition.

  The event drew to a close as the lunch bell rang and people began to pack up. They smiled and said goodbye as they started leaving towards their classes. The environment was completely different from 40 minutes ago, when they just met.