Breaking Harts One at a Time


Jaeun Park

The drumline hold their annual rally performance.

Sydney Chang, Opinions Editor

“I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!” Enthusiasm spread throughout the gymnasium as the Pack leaders led their peers in chants and cheers.

The hype was real on Feb. 5 at the rally to mark the boys’ basketball game against Hart. Named the “Hart-Breaker Rally,” both staff and students had a great time.

The lights in the gymnasium all went out. The posters lit up in the dark. The cheer team, hip hop team and dance team lit up the rally with their routines while in white attire which appeared to glow in the dark. The drumline of the West Ranch band team concluded the rally with fluorescent paint and drums.

As flashy as it was, this rally required a lot of preparation and ideas.

“This rally was special due to the use of black lights and fluorescent ink for the posters. Because the ink was different, it took longer to make the posters. For the big banner in the middle of the gym, it took me and Carolyn Kim almost two days to finish,” said Matthew Ludovico who was in charge of this rally.

The ASB members’ hard work has paid off. The rally’s visuals and hype have once again marked the rally as one of the most memorable.

“It was really cool to see the spotlights on the basketball players as they made their entrance,” said Angelo Ramos.

ASB members try to stay consistent in the quality and level of fun in the rallies.

“I am very happy with the reaction we got from people, and I am super excited to show everyone else what we have in store for the upcoming year,” said Ludovico.