Starbucks unveils a new Cherry Blossom Frappuccino to celebrate spring

Lauren Lee, Staff Writer

  Starbucks has released a new Cherry Blossom Frappuccino that is available through the first day of spring, March 20.

  The drink is “a blend of sweet strawberries and cream with white chocolate sauce and matcha drizzle,” according to the Starbucks Newsroom. It was inspired by the Japanese Sakura tradition and while the U.S. is serving the drink now, Japan has had this drink since 2010 and can enjoy a different version like the Sakura Blossom & Strawberry Latte.

  Cherry blossoms are the national flower and represent spring in Japan. Unlike the U.S., Japan starts their new school year in the spring for the new beginnings as the weather warms.

  The response has been mostly positive on Twitter.

  “I’m already looking forward to having another @Starbucks #CherryBlossomFrappuccino next year.” @RachelKeeth


“I really like how it’s a tangy strawberry flavor and not sick candy sweet. Going to need another tomorrow *_* #cherryblossomfrappuccino” @412_jenni


While most people are loving the drink, some have many complaints.


“Hey @Starbucks ! Why doesn’t the “Cherry Blossom Frappachino” use CHERRY syrup? @chewcudda


  “#CherryBlossomFrappuccino: A @Starbucks Haiku


  Like cherry blossoms,

  The hint of matcha flavor

  Is gone all too soon.


  #USVersionKindaMeh”- @Seitz_Unseen

  A haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that consists of three lines.


  Make sure to visit your local Starbucks to try out this new beverage to celebrate spring before March 20. If you grab the chance to get this drink, tweet your thoughts on it and make sure to tag @wrpawprint!