Samsung and Apple Exposed


Samsung’s Explosive Marketing

Jay Park, Staff Writer

  This election seems to be going down in flames, much like Apple and Samsung’s products, putting a damper on their competition. During the election, while supporters of one party bash the other candidate for their faults, they forget their own candidate has a share of mistakes that are equally awful. These phone companies aren’t any different.    

  When Samsung recalled over a million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones for having combustible batteries, China was not on Samsung’s initial recall list that included the U.S. and South Korea. The company has stated Chinese Note 7s were not recalled because it used a different and safer supplier.

  Whether by oversight or intentional deception, the Note 7 in China began to melt just a few days after. One of the first wave of victims was Zhang Sitong, who, when his battery began to light on fire, told his friend to record the event. A few hours later, Samsung employees visited him with a replacement Note 7 and $900 dollars in the condition that he keep the video private. Mr. Zhang adamantly refused. It is easy to lose trust in a mega corporation when it directly lies to your customers in such a high competition environment where many companies are eager to take over. Mr. Zhang and the hundreds of thousands of other Note 7 users are becoming tempted to change companies.

  In China, there are very few brands that produce trustworthy products, and Samsung is one of them. Samsung already humiliated itself by discontinuing the Samsung Note 7 line two weeks ago, but they further tainted their product with their false announcement. Chinese customers are starting to believe that Samsung is setting a double standard for American customers. Even the China’s national television, CCTV has begun to condemn Samsung. To add insult to injury, Samsung’s shameful attempt to bribe its way out only served to lose more popularity. Samsung dropped from 19 percent in market shares to 7 percent in these sudden turn of events.

  This was  very unfortunate timing for the South Korean company, as it is now becoming outcompeted by rival Chinese companies that are also popular. As China, the world’s largest smartphone market, turns away from Samsung products, it will inevitably lead to a large decline of the megacorporation. It will take a large committed effort from this company to repair its market image.

  While it is clear that Samsung has made a massive blunder, hold off on blindly supporting Apple. Tim Cook’s masterful media manipulation has managed to maintain a low profile, but the iPhone 7 is also experiencing fires. It appears that while trying to keep up with its competition, Apple has even imitated the ingenious explosive batteries as well.

  In fact, an Australian surfer reported that his iPhone 7 and his pants that held them caught on fire, also burning his car in the process, all while he was in a surfing lesson. This was just one of the many that Apple’s media department have cleverly managed to silence by claiming alleged “counterfeit” of its product.

The Foxconn factories which seem to be the location of these incidents
The Foxconn factories of which we barely know about. What secrets are contained within?

   Despite its public image, Apple has a share of its own dark history. Since 2013, There have been various reports of the undeniably poor conditions of Apple factories in China. According to Daily Mail, 18 workers have committed suicide in the event Foxconn Suicide, and those cases have been difficult to investigate. Apple has denied any outside visitors or recordings, stating that they must keep the company’s activities secret from competitors, as it doubles as a handy excuse to break work regulations without being supervised by the law. How much do you think the $700 dollars you spend on your iPhone goes to those Chinese workers rather than Cupertino? These unfair work regulations never be discussed in Apple’s press conferences, and probably never will.

  While these events may not phase your support for either of the companies,think of how dangerous these phones are with their faulty batteries. One night you could go to sleep with your phone on your nightstand and be the one out of ten thousand that wake up to your bedroom on fire. Such an event happened to Michael Klering in Kentucky. After waking up at 4 a.m. in his bedroom filled with smoke, he was later hospitalized for acute bronchitis caused by the smoke inhalation. A Note 7 fire is more likely than getting bitten by a shark.

  It is undeniable that Apple and Samsung are the two most dominant phone companies in the world, but they are not without faults. Why is it that the entire world competes to buy two imperfect models? It is possible for another company to design a phone that could be more advanced than either of these companies’ products. Because otherwise, both political and technological races seem to be heading towards failure.