Luau Rally- It’s Lit

Jay Park and Timothy Kang

   The deafening roar of each of the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors shook the room, kicking off the first rally of the year. Senior Nathaniel Medina beautifully sang the Star-Spangled Banner, to which the gym exploded with support for him. Afterwards, the fall sports teams appeared promising as they confidently charged through the gym. Cross country even went as far to rip off their shirts, displaying West Ranch pride. The solid routine of the cheer team, dance team, and hip hop club was, as usual, outstanding. Then the four classes competed against each other in a tense game of limbo. However, the highlight of the rally came blazing in as a professional fire breather awed the audience with his fire antics. His performance wrapped up the rally. One of the ASB event organizers, Monai Chanon, shared with us his feelings about the rally. “The goal of the rally was to open the year up with a lot of excitement for the sports and the different activities on campus. We tried our best to keep the last performance a secret, and I think everything really worked out well.”