Club Rush Day


Ryan Factora and Timothy Kang

Hundreds of students flooded the colorful, poster-adorned quad this past Wednesday Sept. 27 for Club Rush Day.

This annual event is a great way for freshman and other students to join clubs.

“Club Rush Day is going so well,” said freshman Jayden Barnholtz,” There’s so many different clubs that people can enjoy!”

Club Rush Day also served as a great platform to promote new clubs. Sophomore Krystar Lay advertised her new club Protect Animals Worldwide (PAW) at this event.

“I have this great passion for animals and I even want to be a veterinarian when I grow up, so that’s why I made this club,” said Lay.

Clubs prepared for this event in many different ways.  Vibrant posters beckoned students to join their clubs while club members paraded around the quad, handing out flyers and candy.

“I tried to get everyone to participate in making posters and doing other tasks in preparation for Club Rush Day,” said president of Future Business Leaders of America Shreyas Hariharan.

“We bought candy and made flyers to get people to join our club,” said member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kyle Jurkowski.

Overall, Club Rush Day was a success for everyone. Students got to join new clubs that they were interested in and clubs got to meet many new members that will be active. If you weren’t able to join a club at Club Rush Day, don’t worry. Many clubs are looking for new members year-round. Whether its chess, movies, or robots, West Ranch offers many clubs to suit different interests.