Fresh Into Office


Nicole Augusta, Staff Writer

The beginning of high school is a time of new friendships, new classes, and, for the freshmen, a new campus. But fear not, class of 2021, for I am here to introduce your ASB officers for this school year. They will be your right hands, your go-tos, and the leaders of campus. Or at least the leaders of lower campus.

I’m sure that most of you saw the colorful posters around campus, sported some stickers, and maybe even followed a campaign Instagram account during voting week. But in case you missed it, the freshmen presidency was secured by John Kim who pledges to be “everyday-ready” for the freshman class. He is backed by Ben Rice, Vice President; Abi Jin, Treasurer; and Jayden Barnholdtz, Secretary. Whether they couldn’t believe the acceptance phone call or they had to celebrate alone at home, each officer is excited to represent the freshmen of West Ranch.

“You know, we are ‘fresh’men; we are fresh in here, so I still do know that some of these kids are not really involved in school, or they have a hard time making friends. I just really want to be friends to them,” says Kim. He continues to tell me how strongly he feels about students participating here at West Ranch. ASB’s role is to bring people together. This is precisely why secretary Jayden Barnholdtz was so thrilled about winning.

“I was excited that I won because of all the hard work that went into it. I really wanted to be a part of ASB to help out the school the best I can,” he explains, “I will help with everything and make sure all of the events and extra activities go smoothly.”

Although each new officer is enjoying their victory, they haven’t forgotten about their opposing candidates.

“…I do believe that both the other candidates, Sammy Nuchow and Cami Armendariz, are really well-deserved people. They’re great leaders, they’re great competitors, and I really had a lot of fun going through the election with them,” said Kim during the interview.

“It was very close at the end and it could have gone either way,” added Barnholdtz. Treasurer, Abi Jin, agrees and says that the amount of hard work and campaigning that everyone contributed to the election only served to make the decision more difficult. 

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The freshman class of 2021 definitely lucked out with these candidates. We are in for quite a year! Since this article is about the future of the student body, we wanted to include you in it. We decided to include a quiz featuring two other opposing sides: Iron Man and Captain America. Feel free to vote for either in the poll and see how you compare to your freshman officers! John Kim and Ben Rice sided with Iron Man, and Jayden Barnholdtz and Abi Jin gave their vote to Captain America. No matter which hero you choose, it is clear that we are going to have a super year.