Spooky Rally

Jay Park, Web Editor

  On November 3, West Ranch students had an opportunity to experience a very spooky rally. To start the rally off, Sophia Kriegel sang a passionate version of the Star-Spangled Banner. Then, as tradition, our cheer team performed incredible choreographies, raising the excitement in the gym with well-coordinated movements. The four classes had a chance to compete against each other in a toilet paper wrapping competition, racing against time to wrap an entire roll of toilet paper around the contestants. This game was followed by six drummers, creating a haunting rhythm with their mallets. The doughnut eating competition was next, with each class trying to devour their doughnut on a stick the fastest. Then hip-hop club showed off their new moves, dancing along to Halloween themed songs. The rally was unexpectedly concluded with a surprising performance by two checker-patterned gymnasts, stunning the crowd with their complex and mystical synergy.

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