Grease Rally


Timothy Kang, Staff Writer

   West Ranch students got the opportunity to dive back in time to the 50’s at the Grease rally. Instead of the traditional separation between the four classes, the gym was divided into two sides — the pink ladies, decorated in colorful pink posters, and the black-wearing greasers, covered in a dark shadow of black posters. Members of choir kicked off the start of the rally with their beautiful performance of the Star-Spangled Banner.  As per tradition, Principal Crawford led the students in the spirit helmet sound off. Both sides exploded as Principal Crawford swung his bat, firing up the crowd. After this, track, lacrosse, swim, baseball, and tennis rushed through the lanes of cheerleaders in order to welcome in the spring sports season. A special portion of the rally was put aside for Zoe Campos, who was recognized for her amazing talent golf and honored with West Ranch’s very first CIF Champion award. Afterwards, co-ed cheer pumped up the audience with an outstanding performance. Then came the moment that many students were waiting for– the announcement of the 2018 Prom Theme. The theme was mysteriously announced to be “The Journey,” which left many students excitedly anticipating for the new prom. Then, the West Ranch dance teams showed off their state-winning routine. Finally, hip hop ended off the rally with another dazzling dance routine.