Zuckerberg’s Hypocrisy


Jay Park, Web Editor

  Mark Zuckerberg’s trash has more privacy than your Facebook data. I’m not kidding.

Facebook has been under a lot of flak recently, and a lot of the hate is being directed towards Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s co-founder, chairman and CEO. This can be explained by the his dictatorial influence and greed-centric management of his company. This recent storm of controversies just serves to prove the point that Facebook is an amoral, profit-centered company.


  It’s been 14 years since its creation, and the suspicious actions Facebook has committed in the past makes the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where it has knowingly allowed a third party to manipulate the profiles of 50 million people, a lot less shocking.

  Facebook has had a terrible track record with respecting privacy and monitoring its users. The indiscriminate usage of unpermitted facial analysis has been called out previously. The company’s system would store millions of facial data from people’s profiles and sell them to companies. This has the potential to haunt us in the future when technology is advanced enough to utilize the data.

  The blue mega-corporation has also been infamous for blatantly stealing creative content. You have probably watched a video of some of your favorite content creators on Youtube reporting this. Generic and uncreative Facebook accounts repost popular and viral videos, garnering billions of hours of viewing time. What makes this such a despicable practice is that the content creator that poured their time into the video receives absolutely nothing out of it, and the reposter can simply mooch off their hard work.

  Facebook even promotes this dirty practice. They have specifically developed their own video media, implementing their own ads and profiting off them. The victims, content creators, can choose to file a report that will simply have next to no effect because the damage is already done, and their source of income is already lost. The perpetrator also gets off with a small slap on the wrist.

  There have been outcries of Facebook’s biased distribution of content. While the company has permitted livestream of cruel human violations for hours on end, it chooses to selectively censor accurate and historical content. Fake news has been popularized on this platform since Facebook cares for sensationalism and popularity, not accuracy. This threatens integrity of a nation’s democracy with what is essentially mass propaganda.

  To add to it all the company has also subtly been irritating its users by making it an extremely convoluted way to delete your account, for any reason whatsoever. It clearly indicates that Facebook wants the profile to exist and tempt users into using its platform. There have been numerous reports of fake profiles of people, along with the zombie-like profile usages of deceased friends and relatives.

  It is evident that Facebook is nothing but a money-grubbing business only focused on revenue by appealing to advertisers and any company that would pay for our data. The company’s superficial preaching of lofty ideals and sweet talk in publicity is nothing but a front to continue their wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  So where does Zuckerberg lie in this?

  Mark Zuckerberg has represented the image of the company. He has been responsible for managing the executive decisions and policies of Facebook. Since the Congressional hearings, it is evident that Zuckerberg has not been the bystander of Facebook’s crimes, but the mastermind behind them.

  The hypocrisy behind his notion of an open and friendly social media platform is simply revolting. He is the dictator that controls an oppressive tech empire and disregards all notions of privacy for profit. Various Facebook employees have reported the existence of the Zuckerberg’s secret police. All data is monitored at all times. The clicks of links. The hovering over a website. And supposed “violators” are dismissed behind the curtains.

  Nothing you post on the Internet can ever be erased. But that rule does not seem to apply for those at the top. There have been numerous testimonies of conversations with Zuckerberg and other executives of Facebook being deleted.

  Looking back at it now, it seems almost laughable about what Zuckerberg preached when he first established it in Harvard. He even directly said: “People have very good control over who can see their information,” and “I’m not going to sell anybody’s e-mail address… It would make everything more serious and less fun.” The child-like innocence he portrays when he promised not to monetize Facebook pales in comparison to now, at the grand Orwellian scale he operates Facebook, all for profit.

  Recent exposure of Facebook’s corruption is a hopeful sign that positive changes coming to the company and its users. However, with the storm of the scandal dying down already, we may have to wait for a more appalling evidence or event to shake the blue titan from to its foundation.