Freshman Class Elections


Alexa Empleo, Staff Writer

The Class of 2022 had their class officer elections yesterday, Sept. 9, during tutorial, brunch and lunch. ASB set up a voting booth downstairs near the cafeteria and in front of their office. The freshman excitedly voted for their officers, presenting their ID cards and writing the names of their chosen candidates on the ballots.

The candidates for president were William Bennett, Cassidy Clarke, Caitlin Herron, and Carolina Peck.

Freshman Hailey Intal had voted for Cassidy Clarke, saying, “I know that she will make the campus a better place for not just freshmen, but for every grade.”

Those running for vice president were Daniel Chang, Brooke Lackey, Pratika Prasad, Kelsey Schauble, and Paris Taylor. Those for secretary were Lily Dervin, Jonathan Fisher, and Sabrina Ho. And finally, those for treasurer were Mason Eskobar and Brandon Kim. But of course, in every election, there could only be one winner for each position.

Congratulations to the president of this year’s freshmen class: Cassidy Clarke, who comments: “I ran for class president because I wanted the freshmen to have a voice on campus and to not be afraid to share their ideas. Now that I’ve won, I’m just looking forward to making the freshmen have a memorable year and sharing a bunch of school spirit.” Congratulations as well to vice president Kelsey Schauble, secretary Jonathan Fisher, and to treasurer Brandon Kim.

Being a student leader takes a lot of responsibility and open-mindedness, and to see freshman who are still getting used to their new environment step up is remarkable. Through student government, we are able to practice and exercise the rights we are given as well as prepare us for the real world outside these four walls.

Best wishes once again to the officers and all the candidates who took the initiative to make the campus a better place. Hopefully, their win marks a successful year for the class of 2022.