Club Rush Day


Jessica Son, Staff Writer

West Ranch’s clubs and organizations are a great way to be involved and feel like a part of something. On Sept. 5, students were able to explore the diverse choices of clubs on campus during lunch. Informational booths and signs were spread across campus for people to gain interest and be engaged. Everywhere, colorful booths and stands were set up to help students find their path and be engaged in clubs with interests similar to theirs.

  Many clubs were started in recent years, such as the K-Pop club to show appreciation for Korean culture music, and BSU, which stands for Black Student Union. These clubs were started to give attention to spreading diversity and promoting racial acceptance. They strive to gain attention from people who were also struggling with that same problem while reaching for their own goals.


There are also clubs that also function as teams and organizations, such as the Speech and Debate Team and Academic Decathlon. The Speech and Debate team compete in tournaments every couple of months, and prepare hard to be able to gain leadership skills and become a better public speaker. Academic Decathlon also competes and is a great outlet for students to showcase their talents.

  There are also many different clubs for community service. Key Club is one such one club, and they help students gain leadership and give back to the community. Another is NHS, or National Honor Society, which also emphasizes helping out in the community.

  Students who have a hard time socializing will find their place at the variety of clubs, and find friends with welcoming arms. People who are passionate about their interests and want to meet with people who think likewise or even differently are a great asset for developing a better environment for students to learn and have fun.

  West Ranch Clubs are a great way to have engaging experiences with people of similar interests and to open up to new ideas and points of view.