Never Fear, the Duck Doctor is Here!

November 4, 2018

  Ready for the big day ahead of them, people were scrambling everywhere in Bridgeport Park. There were tents being set up, food trucks arriving, and, in the distance, I saw a group of people working together to set up a waterway with a giant rubber ducky at the top. Just by looking at the people wearing duck suits outfits, anyone could have believed this was the Rubber Ducky Festival.

  On Oct. 8, 2018, the Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers hosted their 16th annual Rubber Ducky Festival at Bridgeport Park. It was their annual fundraiser to help raise money for patient care services all throughout Santa Clarita.

  Dozens of families came to the event, and many brought their children, ready to have a good time. There were food trucks, a photobooth, a rock climbing wall, and many more activities that made it so inviting.

  Alan Ferman, head of the chair committee of the Rubber Ducky Festival said, “We like to make this a place where families can just come and have fun.

  Throughout the event, participants were able to “adopt” a duck for five dollars. Adopting a duck allowed their duck to be entered into a race down the waterway, and the one that finished first won the grand prizes. The prize was $2,000 for first place,  $1,500 for second place, and $500 for third and fourth.

  There was also a kid’s race, and children were able to decorate their very own duck and enter it into the waterway race.

  1,000 ducks were brought to Bridgeport Park, and over $6,000 were raised.

  Philip Solomon, Chief Executive Officer of the Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers said, “This is our only fundraiser we do every year, and all this money goes to opening more health clinics, like the one we frequently just opened in Val Verde.”

  The Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers hopes to provide for their community and give healthcare to everyone that needs it. This festival is one step closer to achieving their goal for more healthcare centers. To learn more about what they do, go check out their website at


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