The Winter Rally: Adventure is Out There!


On Nov. 9, West Ranch students crowded the gym to witness the last rally of the semester which was hosted by Maia Ishikawa, Jadyn Berk, and Ryan and Jovan Camacho. The theme of the rally was “Adventure is Out There.” To go along with this, the rally was full of songs from different adventure movies such as “Pirates of The Caribbean.” It was kicked off with Olivia Andrade singing the national anthem, then proceeded with the energetic pack leaders doing the spirit helmet competition.

The cheer team then performed their routine, followed by the presentation of the winter sports teams. Girls’ and boys’ soccer and basketball walked down the carpet as the student sections cheered. Along with this was a special mention of our Cross Country and girls’ tennis teams for making it into CIF. Finally, the history-making football team made their way down the carpet. Coach Varner then spoke some words of encouragement towards their upcoming game that night against Oxnard at Valencia High School.

Next was a short activity involving two teams where one upperclassmen and one lowerclassmen football representative used a potato sack to skid across the floor until they reached the finishing point. Then, their respective partners would finish the game by skidding back to the other side. The players were neck-and-neck the whole time, but in the end the upperclassmen beat the lowerclassmen.

After the game, West Ranch dance executed their routine, followed by our drumline which performed amazing pieces as well. The rally was then concluded with a spectacular performance from hip-hop and a few announcements about the game later that night.

The rallies this semester were truly successful in bringing together all of the students and showing appreciation for every individual and group talent. The fall rally was a great way to end the year and hopefully the ones succeeding it will exceed our expectations and bring things up a notch.