West Ranch Wildcats Go Back to School


Alexa Empleo and Chika Winston

   On Aug. 13, students came pouring in through the West Ranch gates, where they were greeted by enthusiastic ASB members, signaling the start of a brand new school year. 

   Beyond the gates, the new West Ranch mural on the side of the 400 building was a sight for many incoming students walking through the red carpet. High-fives were happily given by the ASB members as music blasted through the speakers. Students from all classes were also greeted by our principal Mr. Crawford and other members of the staff. 

  “I’m most excited about having classes with my friends and being able to learn new things,” sophomore Isabelle Reyes gushed. 

   While the freshmen hesitantly moved around and clumped between walkways, the upperclassmen skillfully walked through the crowd, used to the emotions that overwhelm the school, especially on the first day: nervousness, excitement, worry. 

   “I really want to make this year memorable because in a couple of months I’ll be leaving this all behind me and I just want to remember the little things that made high school fun,” senior Liz Lindain said. 

   As the school year starts with new beginnings, there will definitely be unexpected changes along the way. Whatever the case, The Paw Print wishes the student body a great year ahead.