Wildacts Go For the Gold in the Olympic-Themed First Rally

Alexa Empleo, News Editor

On Aug. 23, the West Ranch green, blue, red and yellow class-colored teams crowded the gym for the first Olympic-themed rally of the year. The school spirit was high as the new pack leaders Elle Marshall, Reagan Nibarger, John Polk, Dylan Clark, Robert Siedel and Will Mulry all enthusiastically hosted the rally.

Alicia Zimmerman kicked off the event with her rendition of the national anthem, followed by the electrifying spirit helmet competition conducted by Principal Mr. Crawford and our pack leaders.

The varsity football team came out to a warm welcome from the students. Our gold-medal-winning cheer team soon followed with their uplifting routine. They demonstrated the class colors through their outfits and lit up the torch of the West Ranch Olympics. 

The rally only started there. The hosts then introduced the first-ever spirit game of the year which they called “West Ranch Curling.” One by one, a representative from each class sat on a skateboard, accompanied by two other students with brooms, and attempted to sweep their way through the floor in hopes to stop at the middle of the gym. Both players and spectators enjoyed the contest the two rounds, with seniors claiming first place. 

“It was great seeing all the games and performances,” said junior Samantha Bea. “My friends and I definitely enjoyed ourselves.”

Our award-winning dance team came out afterward and impressed us with their fresh and spectacular moves. The spirit points for the week’s class competition were then tallied up, revealing that the class of 2020 won by a landslide. The hosts assured a special gift would be bestowed on the class the upcoming week. 

West Ranch Hip Hop then captivated everyone with their choreography which, like previous performances, earned them a standing ovation. 

“I really enjoyed dancing in this rally and can’t wait to show more of our choreography in the next ones,” said senior Bryce Blackwell. “It’s going to be a great and final year.”

The rally ended with our ASB president and senior class president, Johnny Buchanan and Drew Ashlock, announcing the theme for homecoming: Rock n’ Roll. One of our pack leaders, John Polk, then surprised his girlfriend Tracy Sterkel with a homecoming proposal that was admired by the crowd. 

The rally successfully kickstarted what looks like to be an amazing year for us Wildcats. We can definitely expect more improvements and heightened energy from not only ASB but as well as all students, whether they be in an organization or simply spectators in the crowd.