Shift of the Student Section Leads to a More Immersive Football Game Experience


Lauren Guss, Staff Writer

   For the past 14 years, the student section at our home varsity football games has been on the far left side of the bleachers. Why, all of a sudden, was this area moved to the far right?

   The switch first went into effect on August 23. For so many years has the student section been in its signature spot. Who first proposed this idea and why did they decide to change this tradition? This engrossing question was queried to JV and Varsity cheer coach and marine biology teacher Mrs. Coe. 

   She explained, “The idea to move the student section had been talked about in the past. However as the new Cheer Coach, I encourage the move this year since other changes were already taking place.”

   Coe also states, “The changes occurred to help make WRHS Spirit more cohesive between the band, cheer and the student section.” 

   The student section is a place for the Pack to hype the students of West Ranch up, but it has been isolated from the band and the cheerleaders for years. This has become an ongoing problem, as the students have begun to disregard these operations. By incorporating them into the entertainment provided by the cheer squad as well as the band, the students will be experiencing a more diverse and enjoyable game. 

   For as long as West Ranch has been open, the cheer squad has often been cheering to the crowd with the students being rarely involved in the fun. This shift in locations was hypothesized to intertwine the two parties. When asked if he thought the movement of the section would improve the coordination of the students and the band, band director Mr. Marshall says, “I think the opportunity for that certainly exists, yes, it hasn’t happened yet but I think the opportunity exists.̈  

   This change has been installed for the past two varsity games and the results are already observable. 

   Coe says, “So far I am pleased with the change. The cheerleaders have seen more student section participation along with band participation. We are all working hard for a more positive experience and this is just one step in the right direction.”

   The opportunity to participate in the student section is one that every incoming highschooler dreams of accomplishing. However, these incoming students as well as sophomores, juniors and seniors with a graduation year over 2020 will receive a contrasting football game experience than graduated students. Nonetheless, many graduates believe that the change is a positive twist on an old classic. 

   Heather Fink, a 2019 graduate, says “I honestly think that moving the student section to the far right is a good idea because it would hype up the football team when they run out.”

   The students of West Ranch will undoubtedly be more immersed in the entertainment offered by the band and cheer squads than in the past. The modification will lead football games on a new path of liveliness and amusement. 

  So far this football season, the students have become more appreciative of the Wildcat Marching Band and have been following along with cheers lead by the cheer squad. Nonetheless, this revision does not change the ageless tradition of the beloved student section.