Wildcats Get Ready to Rock and Roll!

Alexa Empleo and Cynthia Rahman

On Sept. 13, Wildcats filled the gym for the Rock-and-Roll-themed homecoming rally. Hosted by ASB students Eric Abrahamian, Brandon Arana, Hannah Sullivan and Kayla Halbertstam , the mood of the event demonstrated the excitement for not only the homecoming dance but for the football game later in the day as well. 

Racquel Gee rocked her rendition of the national anthem which was followed by the deafening spirit helmet competition manned once again by our Principal Mr. Crawford along with the pack leaders. 

The cheer team performed their groovy routine which added to the electrifying energy of the crowd. A rock and roll scavenger hunt then ensued, which involved the participation of both the homecoming court and their respective classes. 

ASB leaders Johnny Buchanan and Drew Ashlock would describe a student and the court from every class would have to locate such student and bring them to the middle of the gym. Some of these descriptions included a student wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt and owning a hydro flask. Like always, the seniors won by a landslide despite the rigorous effort from the other classes. 

The dance team then stunned the audience with their performance which was followed by the presentation of the track athletes state banner by Ms. Saltoni. These athletes definitely proved themselves worthy of such honors as they have spent their four years at West Ranch working hard and staying driven. As a result, they’ve let it be known nationally that West Ranch High School is one of the best in the whole country. 

Hip Hop killed it with their sweet moves after the exciting presentation, and behind them was the drumline who got some beats going on and kept the audience on a musical high.

Finally, the introduction of the homecoming court took place. The freshmen were Griffin Nibarger and Aubrey Rogers. Representing the sophomores were Shreyas Venkat and Avery Salin. Next from the juniors, there was Walker Eget and Abi Jin. All of these princesses and princes earned standing ovations from the crowd and no doubt paved the way for this year’s homecoming king and queen nominees.

WRTV first presented the kings and queens through a fun lip sync video. First up was Clyde Seo with his mom Grace and fellow nominee Madi Marks. Next was Cooper Ney who walked with his mom Gina and Elle Park. They were followed by Dylan Clark, his mom Linda and Reagan Nibarger. Then came Zach Van Bennekum with his mom Melissa and Gwen Garate. Strolling down after them was Neiko Pittman accompanied by his mom Michelle and Sian Moon. Next was Drew Ashlock and his mom Becky along with fellow nominee Liz Lindain. Finally, last but not least came Jackson Reyes, his mom Heather and Dominique Singer. 

The court was all smiles as they walked down the red carpet. The hosts then reminded the crowd to attend the football game later in the evening at Valencia to support the team as well as to find out who the 2019 homecoming queen will be. 

This rally definitely lifted our school spirit and the much-felt excitement towards the game and the dance, which are no doubt events that shaped the student body.