West Ranch TV Welcomes Students from Saugus News Network

Alexa Empleo and Ricky Rojas

On Nov. 20, students from Saugus News Network came to West Ranch for a special collaboration with WRTV. The event showcased West Ranch’s love and support towards Saugus High School after the tragic school shooting last Thursday, Nov. 14.


   They were eagerly greeted by WRTV students who offered them special treats and bagels. After introducing themselves to each other, some Saugus students immediately signed up for jobs such as weather reporting, sports reporting or hosting. The rest chose to converse with other West Ranch students and learn more about how our daily shows here were made instead. 


   The show was incredibly successful as our daily news was smoothly delivered and friendships were made. The overall atmosphere of the morning had a strong sense of community, a trait displayed by the entire Santa Clarita Valley after the tragic shooting at Saugus High School. The SNN students were commendable as well, showcasing strength through their smiles and eagerness to stand together and build new connections. 


   “This is just so important because you can’t get through these things alone. You need people to support you in life,” says Lexi Reynolds, an SNN student. “By coming together as a group and just being loving and supportive with one another is how we all get through this.”


   The show was a relieving experience for regular West Ranch students as it helped them return to normal. 


   “It was really heartwarming to see them on [WRTV] and how they were still able to be happy even though the event was so tragic and at least we got to know that they were safe and that they are doing better,” says Senior Bryce Blackwell.


“I felt nice about it because it was good to know they were safe and that they were smiling and being happy,” says Isabella Reyes. 


   This event is a catalyst for future community collaborations not only helping all of us to heal and move forward, but also strengthening our bond as a community. 


   SNN and WRTV have already started to plan a day after Thanksgiving week where West Ranch students visit Saugus High School instead. There is indeed pride in saying that we are all #SaugusStrong.