#TeamTrees, A Fight Against Climate Change

In a revolutionary new fundraiser, people from across the internet raise money for the Arbor Day Foundation.


Ricky Rojas, Opinions Writer

   MrBeast, a popular Youtuber known for giving away large sums of money, started the internet challenge #TeamTrees when challenged by his fans to raise money to plant 20 million trees before the start of 2020. MrBeast teamed up with fellow Youtuber Mark Rober and, together, they gathered other popular Youtubers to publish videos promoting the hashtag #TeamTrees.

   On Oct. 25, dozens of videos from content creators such as The Infographics Show, Alan Becker and How To Basic released tree-themed videos asking their viewers to donate at least $1 to teamtree.org. This is made possible by their partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, who will plant one tree per dollar donated.

   The Arbor Day Foundation has worked since 1972 to plant trees around the world and help promote Arbor Day. This includes a program called Tree City USA, which has been protecting trees inside cities like Santa Clarita for over 30 years.

   Currently, #TeamTrees has raised enough money to plant about 17 million trees, receiving large donations from billionaires such as Tobias Lütke, Elon Musk and the CEO of Youtube herself: Susan Wojiciki. They have also received tons of smaller donations by everyday people.

   In the few days following Oct. 25, the #TeamTrees moniker was spread throughout the internet. Besides the intintal bombardment of Youtube videos, the internet’s support has been overwhelming. Sites like Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr were filled with highly-rated posts about this movement. People made supportive memes creating an astounding amount of buzz.

   Though the movement received lots of support its first few weeks, it has quickly fallen to the wayside. Very few new #TeamTrees videos have cropped up on Youtube, and most internet conversation has faded. This has slowed progress towards the end goal of 20 million trees, but not all hope has been lost. They’ve still managed to raise over a million dollars this last week, inching closer to the final goal.

   #TeamTrees is a revolutionary fundraiser that will be fondly remembered as the first to be promoted by most of the Youtube community. Although it has experienced some backlash from critics who claim it does nothing for the fight against climate change, it is still a momentous occasion, bringing thousands of people together to save our planet.

   If you’d like to contribute to teamtrees.org and support the cause against climate change, even a dollar can help.