Wildcats Break the Internet: Students Show Off Social Media Skills in Internet-Themed Rally

On Nov. 8, the student body crowded the gym and was met by Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok-themed decorations for November’s social media-themed rally. 

The event was hosted by Brandon Arana, Zach Van Bennekum, Arianna Romagnano, Kati Pak and Chase Eisenberg. Spirits were high as they pumped up the crowd and transitioned towards the singing of the national anthem which was led by Ayesha Khan.

The spirit helmet competition then came up; while the lower classmen and juniors worked hard to showcase their spirit, the seniors dominated over them, winning the competition by a landslide. 

Our fall sports teams came out to greet this hyped-up crowd after a long and grueling season of hard work. They were lead by the girl’s golf team, who made it into the first round of CIFs, followed by excited and half-dressed boy’s cross country team members who placed 8th in last season’s nationals and were more than happy to run around in paint. Walking behind them were Girl’s tennis members, who were open division quarter-finalists in CIF. 

Next came in Girl’s volleyball who, for the first time in West Ranch history, made it past the first round of playoffs. And, finally, the triumphant football team came out, holding second place in the league and have moved onto CIF playoffs. Coach Varner spoke a few words about them, noting mostly their incredible athletic attributes. The presentation of the teams was ended by a special video from WRTV which once again showcased the strenuous season and the hard work given by all our athletes.

Our amazing West Ranch cheer proceeded to pump up the crowd, which earned them standing ovations. This was followed by a small game, hosted by ASB members Drew Ashlock and Johnny Buchanan, which consisted of listening to and guessing Tik Tok songs. After obvious deliberation, the class of 2020 overwhelmingly won. 

The dance team stepped in after and delivered their stunning, award-winning choreography. Yet, the dancing didn’t stop there. West Ranch Hip Hop, dressed accordingly in E-girl and E-boy attire, joined in on the festivities and hyped up the crowd with their flexibility and charisma. 

However, all of these performances, no matter their effort and synchronization, were nothing compared to the dancing teachers. Some of the teachers, such as Ms. Sage and Mr. Burrill, were joined by some of their students in recreating Tik Tok dances and moves. The demonstration was highly entertaining to watch as students were continuously laughing and had their phones out to record such moments. 

The social media rally ended with the announcement of that night’s football game, specifically, the first game in CIF playoffs held in Canyon High School which resulted in a victorious 35-6 score in favor of our team. 

All in all, the relatable theme of the event paired with the ridiculous yet entertaining involvement of the staff made this rally a truly memorable one.