Justin Bieber Returns to his Road to Success

Ashley Park, Features Editor

At the beginning of this new decade, every teenager’s childhood heartthrob, Justin Bieber, made a much-anticipated comeback after taking a five-year break from the spotlight. Over the half-decade without Justin Bieber as the center of attention, Bieber married Hailey Baldwin and focused on his mental and physical health, but he is back with big plans for the future. 

On Dec. 24, 2019 Bieber posted a gallery of pictures on Instagram announcing the dates of the release of his events and music with the hashtag #BIEBER2020. #BIEBER2020 was the mark of all the plans he had in the works like a new single, album, tour and documentary series which all premiered at the start of the year. 

Bieber promoted his debut back to music with his solo single “Yummy,” released on Jan. 3, 2020. With this song, he has slightly strayed away from his pop style and entered a new path into the R&B genre. Immense expectation followed Bieber’s first single, and some found the song catchy while others found it a disappointment. 

Regardless of critics’ and fans’ opinions, Bieber continued his comeback. His documentary series displaying the struggles of his youth and updating the public on his personal life premiered on Jan. 27, 2020. Bieber’s goal was to give insight to the public about the candid truth of his life since 2009. He spoke about his experiences with drug abuse and the difficulties of having an extraordinary amount of fame and money. Along with the imperfections in his life, his docu-series features the growth and improvement he’s made over the years during his break away from the music industry. 

#BIEBER2020’s grand finale was the release of “Changes,” the first solo album by Justin Bieber since 2015 as well as the announcement of the Changes Tour. This year’s Valentine’s Day came with Bieber’s fifth studio-made album, composed of 17 songs side-by-side with the announcement of the 14 cities in which he will be performing this year. 

Both die-hard “Beliebers” and casual fans of Justin Bieber have prepared for his return for half a decade.  Bieber is entering another chapter of his career as an adult and as a different person. 2020 has started off with the return of the artist who retains fame like no other: Justin Bieber.