West Ranch starts new ID check-in system: A Q&A with Mrs. Hinze

Ricky Rojas, Opinion Writer

   At the beginning of this semester, West Ranch implemented a new system to help protect students and faculty. In compliance with a recommendation from the district, students must show their IDs to a yard supervisor before entering onto campus. 

   Starting at around 7 o’clock in the morning, one of the school supervisors begins to check student IDs. Most of the students pass through without issue, but those without IDs must sign in to get into school. 

   However, that doesn’t deter some from trying to slip past without showing an ID. By sneaking through side gates or the main entrance, ID-less students desperately try to get on campus without signing in. Fortunately, they are foiled by observant yard supervisors watching the gates to make sure everyone gets in properly.

   There are still many questions students may have about the policy, so The Paw Print interviewed assistant principal Mrs. Hinze to clear things up.


Q: What is the main goal of this policy?  

A: We want to make sure those that enter our school gates are supposed to be here. Keeping students and staff safe is our number one priority. 


Q: Some students feel that this new system is pointless. How would you respond to them?  

A: I can understand their view. From their position as a high school student, they know they are supposed to be on campus. However, I would hope that they see our perspective. With just over 2,400 students at West Ranch, we need to make sure that students feel safe every day they enter our gates and that parents feel safe sending their students to West Ranch. 


Q: Do you think that $20 is too much for a new ID card now that they are essential to get into school? 

A: There is no cost for the initial ID Card given to students at the beginning of the school year.  The ID card is just like any other form of identification, like a Drivers License or California ID. We want students to protect their West Ranch ID card and not be in a position where they have misplaced or lost their ID card.  


Q: Are there any other school security changes coming soon? 

A: We are constantly evaluating and making changes as we see necessary. 


Q: Is this new change temporary or permanent? 

A: Checking ID cards is permanent.  We will begin scanning students into school in the near future.  


Q: What will be the process for students who don’t have their ID card?  

A: We allow students to write their name down on a form that the Campus Supervisors have at the front gate. This is a one time grace period. It is expected that this is not a habit. 


   School security is an important issue in the world today. The ID check-ins are an effort by our administration to manage who comes on campus, keeping students on and others off. It’s important to comply with the system and keep your ID safe.

   As our school’s security continues to evolve, The Paw Print will keep you updated. Hopefully this brief Q&A helped clear things up about this new system so we’re ready when we return to school.