Himalayas become visible, bring hope to India amid lockdown


Reya Mehta , Staff Writer

   As COVID-19 forces a worldwide lockdown, an unexpected benefit of staying indoors has come to light: pollution is reducing everywhere. 

   China’s air pollution has dropped by a quarter, while in the northeast US, there has been a 30% reduction according to NASA. In northern India, the reduction has caused the Himalayan Mountain peaks to become visible for the first time in decades. 

   From over 100 miles away, the people of Punjab remarked on the beauty of the mountain range on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. The snow-topped mountains brought peace to many, with people taking it as a sign that there’s always a positive aspect to everything.

   India, which is home to many of the most polluted cities in the world, has seen a country-wide reduction in air pollution. On just the first day of the lockdown, Delhi saw a 44% reduction in air pollution, according to CNN. The city has now been reported to have “good” air quality, compared to its usual ranking of “unhealthy” in the Air Quality Index.

   While some hopeful residents claim that the Earth is healing itself, environmental experts say it is only temporary and that the pollution will come back with a rage as soon as the lockdown ends. 

   Regardless of whether or not this is permanent, the people of Punjab are happy to enjoy the beautiful view during these stressful times.