Gov. Newsom discusses plans to reopen California schools as early as July


Lauren Guss, Staff Writer

   On Tuesday, April 28, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that schools around the state have a chance of reopening in late July or early August to compensate for the learning disruption that occurred due to the quarantine. This, however, is a very loose idea and may be unlikely if conditions are still not healthy and safe for students and staff. Newsom is proposing this as a possibility.


   Reopening California K-12 schools is a part of the second phase of his four-phase plan. California is currently in the first phase, which involves, as explained by KTLA5, “making essential workforce environment as safe as possible.” The next step would include the reopening of lower-risk businesses and schools for summer school or potentially an earlier start to the new school year. Public spaces may loosen their limits to public access as well. 


   Some questions yet to be answered are how schools will afford the staff and materials to teach smaller classes and how to keep everyone on school campuses healthy and safe, as stated by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond. 


   “Clearly, for now, we still have more questions than answers. But now is the time for us to problem-solve and plan for the future,” says Thurmond.


   In reports by researchers this month concerning the loss of learning, one scenario expresses how students may experience a “COVID-19 slowdown,” where they would see no gains or losses in math or reading until the fall. Another scenario described a “COVID-19 slide,” in which students will return to the new school year with only 70% of the learning gains in reading and 50% in math than they would usually pick up in a normal school year, as described by the LA Times.


   Many ideas have been thrown out on the table surrounding the safety of students. These include portable hand-washing stations that require students to wash their hands several times a day, no-touch thermometers to be used before pupils enter the school campus, reduction of class sizes, which would need more teachers, and alterations of schedules.


   No decision is final yet, Cats, but be ready to hear more information on the subject in the near future.