Coronavirus can’t stop the coronation of the 2020 Prom King and Queen

   Prom: an important milestone during seniors’ long journey of high school. For the class of 2020, the journey has been one full of unexpected twists and turns, yet, despite the strange circumstances in quarantine, West Ranch still found a way to honor its persevering seniors.

   Alexa Spitzer and Max Morales are this year’s Prom Queen and King. On the morning of April 25, these two seniors found out that they were to attend the coronation ceremony as Queen and King later that day. 

   However, it seemed a far-off dream to Spitzer until she heard her own name called in front of all the nominees. 

   “I was honestly ready to start clapping for the winner because I had absolutely no idea it would be me, so I was in shock and really happy that I couldn’t stop smiling,” she admitted. 

   Morales, too, expressed his gratitude by stating, “Throughout all my years of high school, I would have never guessed that I would be prom king. I never even saw myself getting nominated for court, so to win prom king my senior year with everything going on right now felt good.”

   The road to coronation was built entirely upon support from friends, and, needless to say, neither the King nor Queen earned their crowns on their own. 

   “So many of my friends were so supportive and wanted me to win,” said Spitzer gratefully. “People I barely knew or people I’ve talked to a few times reached out to congratulate me, and my heart was so full.” 

   Although the spotlight was placed on the new King and Queen, the part of the day Morales treasures most took place behind the scenes.

   “The most memorable moment of the day wasn’t even winning Prom King. It was probably getting to take pictures with my date and girlfriend, Gracie Flynn,” he revealed. “We had been looking forward to our senior prom since last year, so dressing up and taking pictures kind of helped us to get it off our mind a bit.” 

   Many safety measures were put in place that ensured the safety of the participating students and staff. Morales stated that “it was different because everyone had to be 6 feet apart, wear masks and wear gloves to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Everybody would rather be with their friends celebrating during prom, but COVID-19 is bigger than that right now, and we need to stay safe.”

   Even though the coronation looked very different from other years, Spitzer gleaned valuable lessons from the experience she called “amazing.”

   “The way I saw it was I didn’t win Prom Queen because of a popularity contest,” the newly-crowned Queen explained. “I realized how many people I’ve helped and have supported, and in the end it made me see how many of those wonderful people appreciated me for my heart and not for what I offer others.”

   The part of coronation that Morales appreciated the most was the generosity and thoughtfulness of the West Ranch staff: the people that made the event possible. 

   “Everybody knows that we weren’t going to have our senior prom, and the fact that our staff tried to imitate our prom just a bit was very kind of them,” he commented. 

   Spitzer spent her night with family, eating her favorite meal from Wood Ranch and celebrating the day’s events. Morales also celebrated at home with family, although he would have had a good time with friends if social distancing wasn’t taking place. 

   Although the pandemic greatly influenced prom night for West Ranch class of 2020, prom court nominees had an opportunity to safely celebrate their nominations and wins at school.