Justin Bieber and Marijuana

Remember the sweet, innocent 16-year-old Justin Bieber when he achieved nation-wide fame with his hit-single, “Baby”? Well, I think it’s safe to say that he is gone. He is no longer a ‘baby’ but he has not matured in the way fans wanted him to.

Just this year, Bieber has been associated with three cases of marijuana use. First, a photo was released of him holding a joint while at a party with rapper and friend Lil Twist. Second, while touring in Turkey, his bus was searched due to suspicion because of a rather peculiar smell by local police. The bus was found to have the drug. Lastly, while Bieber was touring around the world, Lil Twist threw a ‘weed party’ in Bieber’s Calabasas mansion.

For all you ‘Beliebers’ who think Bieber is a victim of his friend Lil Twist and his ways, I’m here to tell you the truth. So stop #cuttingforbieber and listen.

One, Justin Bieber has made his own decision in engaging in a lifestyle of drugs. It’s not Lil Twist’s fault that Bieber is in the news constantly for his links with marijuana. Twist might not be a good influence, but Twist cannot force Justin to smoke. His managers want you to think that it’s all Lil Twist’s fault because they don’t want to lose fans like you.

Two, Bieber is growing up! He doesn’t want to be known as the sweet, innocent 16-year-old who sang about teenage love and crushes. If you look at his public apologies, you can tell that they are insincere. He’s not sorry! This is because he wants to be like other popular singers by building a new persona that he will be able to carry. By the way, I’m not saying smoking weed is a good way to do this.

For those of you who still ‘believe’ that #cuttingforbieber will stop him from smoking, he won’t. Why should he care? He doesn’t.

On that note, for you fans that are freaking out because of Justin’s marijuana links, good thing you’re not a Wiz Khalifa fan.