Moving Backwards By Moving Forward

Humans are moving backward by moving forward.

Provided by Cargo Collective

Humans are moving backward by moving forward.

Imagine this: you are in the middle of a city you are not familiar with and you have to find your way back home; but you have to do so without a cell phone.

Picture this: your parents ask you to pick them up from somewhere you’ve never been before in Los Angeles, but you have nothing to guide you except a good old atlas.

Last scenario: you have to solve “1253 x 172” without the use of a calculator.

I’m positive that somebody who can get themselves out of even one of the situations above is a rarity in today’s society. However, even just 20 years ago, not knowing how to do any of the above would be considered ludicrous.

Yeah, it’s great and all, having cell phones to store all our contacts, GPS machines to guide us to wherever we want to go, and calculators to solve any equation. These are just few of the infinite innovations we have come across that has led to a more comfortable and lofty style of living for a good fraction of the human race. We can thank these innovations that have allowed us to live easier lives than people from the past.

However, we are too comfortable.

By us moving forward with things that have led us to live “better lives,” we have actually started to digress.

How many of us know our grandparents’ exact addresses? How many of us have memorized the birthdays of all our friends? How many of us recognize a phone number without it appearing with a contact name adjacent to it?

Although these questions may seem so simple and irrelevant, they only prove that we indeed have moved backwards by moving forward.

We have lost many unique qualities because technological advancements have made us lazy. When’s the last time you’ve written a letter? An email? The convenience of being able to communicate through emojis and video chats has taken true value away from relationships between family members, friends, and couples.

Although this sounds hypocritical, even the fact that I was able to find factual backing for this article without seeking a library or authorities in person reflects on the notion that technology has made our lives too easy.

Human advancement and human convenience are on the two sides of the scale. The blessings of the modern age have weighed down too hard on the ‘convenience’ side of the scale, inevitably making us more, for lack of a better term, stupid.

I am not criticizing humans for becoming this way, because it is inevitable. Humans will continue to develop more and more inventions that will make our lives effortless, and therefore, people will retrogress to a greater extent in their stature and ability to do things by ourselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if humans come to a point where they are so dependent on other things that they lose their identities.

Although the scale is still tipping by the second, we can still hold on to valuable customs that make us who we are. Write a letter to your junior high teachers. Replace your GPS with an city map next time you drive. Delve into physical books for information instead of using Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers for your next research paper.

Think about how to truly move forward.