The “Great Expectations” for Girls from Guys


Kristen Mancini

Girls go to social media to tell all about their "dreams."

Girls have a lot of things going on in their head. Especially when it comes to impressing a guy they like. Guys have high expectations on how girls should look and what they should wear. Girls pile on makeup and wear short shorts and revealing shirts for what? For a guy’s attention?

Girls grow up playing with Barbies, but do they know they were going to try to be Barbie in the future? Females will do anything to get a guy’s attention these days. Whether it being dying their hair, wearing tight dresses or wearing cakeful of make up.  Girls spend a lot of money just to look “pretty.”   Depending on what brand of makeup girls can be spending a hundred dollars only on a few make up items, and another hundred on clothes. Yes there might be girls out there who actually enjoy dressing up the way they do but they are still “fulfilling” guy’s expectations in girls. When going into stores such as Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch, you would see short shorts galore. But when you take a closer look, they may not even have your size. They may just have small petite sizes for the petite girls. Although we look at Barbies, looking at photos of models in magazines has become a new thing. The thing about that is that THEY ARE PHOTOSHOPPED. Girls look at girls who have been photo shopped to look “perfect.” But no girl can crop some of her weight off with a tool, and make all of their blemishes disappear with a quick click of a mouse.

“I think that expectations for males and females have skyrocketed ever since digital editing programs like Photoshop became popular,” freshman Ashley Mayhall said, “It not only gives people unrealistic expectations, it forces them to try and fit the mold. People will go under surgeries, botox, become anorexic, and a plethora of other things just so they can feel ‘pretty.’ Sure it affects how people of the opposite sex see us and how they want to see us and you can’t really stop it.”

Guys imagine their future girlfriends or wife looking like Megan Fox or a Victoria Secret’s model. But what about the girls who are some

what nerdy and wear baggy shirts and not-so-skinny jeans. Those girls get insecure about how they look and they go out of their comfort zone, going from baggy shirts and not-so- skinny jeans to tight revealing shirts and tight skirts or pencil skirts. They go from the shy nerdy girls to the popular fake girl with tight clothes just to get a guys attention. They would even go through surgeries just to look like the “perfect” version of themselves.

“Oh how I’d give anything to be a Barbie doll!”

Girls would starve themselves to be skinny for guys would look at them. Starving themselves can get them the wrong attention they want. Being bone thin and as light as a feather might get a guy’s attention but it’s probably the wrong attention you want.  Anorexia and bulimia are serious diseases that shouldn’t be caused because girls want to get with guys and become “soul mates” just because she’s skinny. They would fast and take diet pills and go to the gym just to look “perfect” so they can impress a male. Boys fall in love with what they see, and girls fall in love with what they hear.  So girls would put a lot of makeup on and guys would fill their ears with lies.

The “great expectations” from guys to girls has increased and grown majorly. From big breasts to a small waist and a huge thigh gap. But is it the perfect body?