Starlord Versus Batman: (Is DC or Marvel better?)


Jaeun Park, Staff Writer

In 2012, craze surrounded the movies “Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers,” both of which ranked high in the box office.

Both were based off comics books, but from two different companies: DC and Marvel

So which company is superior?

Marvel definitely has the advantage in numbers. In this year alone, Marvel released four different movies, all of which were popular in the box office.



However, I feel most of the Marvel movies are just average.  Marvel’s “Avengers” rated 8.2 on IMDb, while “The Dark Knight” boasts the near perfect 9.0 rating. Marvel movies are good movies, but they’re not exceptionally fantastic. While Marvel consistently and efficiently has released a large number of movies, most, if not all, are considered…just….eh.

The only major movies that DC has come out with are the Dark Knight trilogy and the “Man of Steel,” and while “Man of Steel” did not live up to expectations, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was a masterpiece.

Nolan, one of the best modern filmmakers, stunned audiences with a captivating storyline and, in the case of “Dark Knight” (the second movie in the series), saw the visionary performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker.

“Man of Steel” was DC’s attempt to recreate Nolan’s success with a completely different character and a different director by turning Superman into a Batman rip-off.

Superman is dark, brooding, and unafraid to kill; the fundamental idea behind Superman’s very essence is that he is the representation of everything good.

On the other hand, Marvel’s most praised movie is “The Avengers.” However, the reason it has so much praise is because it consolidated all of Marvel’s best characters into one movie. Fanboys and girls alike were squealing in delight and their giddy excitement blinded them to what is actually a only halfway decent movie.

Marvel conformed to the minimalist humor approach by inserting cheesy, cute jokes into the storyline. The movie was perpetuated by fan girls and boys on Tumblr squealing over Tom Hiddleston and his cute, funny personality even though the storyline is weak and average, at best. Marvel took the success of “The Avengers” in the box office to heart, and “Guardians of the Galaxy” inserted many of its own cheesy jokes and storyline.

Spoiler alert, the ending requires Chris Pratt to stun the villain by rocking his pelvis back and forth in front of him. Basically, Starlord wins the epic final battle by dancing. Although the villain throughout the entire movie displayed no such stupidity, Ronan is unable to compute what Starlord was doing, and the subsequent climax is even cheesier of the movie — with them holding hands and Marvel pulls the annoying “you thought they were dead but they’re really not” move again.

We are Groot, but we are not enjoying this ridiculously cheesy movie.

Some argue that “Guardians of the Galaxy” was intentionally cheesy. But it doesn’t matter. If you can’t come up with original jokes that are actually funny and aim for the “hur-hur, we’re doing this because its intentionally bad,” effect, don’t put humor in your movies at all.

The best Marvel movies are the X-Men movies. (The ones by Brian Singer, which takes out all of the X-Men Origins and the final X-Men trilogy movie “X-Men Last Stand.”) However, those movies should be regarded as a separate entity because they are produced by Fox, not Disney like “Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

The X-Men movies are justifiable because they don’t pander to recent trends (but this is also because they came out a decade and a half ago). They have all of the best X-Men, from Rogue to Pyro, and strong storylines and visual effects for the 2000s. (If you can get over Anna Paquin’s cringey fake Southern accent then they are pretty good). The only reason why they aren’t as amazing as the Batman trilogy is because Marvel foolishly separated the rights of many of their characters, meaning a crossover with the Avengers or even the Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t possible. Fox owns the X-Men, Sony owns Spiderman, and Disney owns everything else.

How many people have been praying for Wolverine and the Hulk to go head-to-head? I know I have.

I won’t even cover the recent “Amazing Spiderman” movies because they are basically rom-coms, not superhero movies and Marvel’s characters are spread so thin that the crossover that could save the franchise is impossible.

Marvel’s biggest faults are the quality of the dialogues in their movies and the spreading of Marvel entities to a bunch of different companies who can’t get along.

DC on the other hand, simply hasn’t made enough movies to find many faults with.

Quality over quantity is the dogma I live by, and it certainly needs to apply to Marvel. I’d rather see a movie like “X-Men: First Class” with compelling stories than a bunch of okay-quality movies to introduce the Avengers characters. As much I like Thor, I don’t need four hours of cringey humor on how Thor can’t adjust to the modern world.

“Bring me a horse!”

Ew, bring me a bucket.