Vaping is Not Cool

“Candy-Flavored Addiction” From

Zoey Greenwald, Staff writer

  There’s something in the air. It’s a cross between a sour candy and a cigarette. Walking home from school, there’s a mist in the air. It’s a kid vaping. Maybe you’ve seen kids vaping on your walk home from school. Maybe you are that kid. It’s a weird thing to have as a new trend. Really weird. I mean, e-cigarettes were made to get people off smoking. So how did this become cool? Most teenagers think cigarettes are gross, so why is vaping cool and trendy?

  Trust me, you do not look cool taking a drag from what might be, if seen from a distance, a piccolo. Wow, flavors like cotton candy and gummy bear?  No wonder they’re popular with teenagers. God forbid it tastes like a cigarette. Gross.

 A lot of us might  think that e-cigarettes are safer or cooler than regular cigarettes, but the truth is that vapes still have nicotine and other dangerous, addictive chemicals. Really, the big difference is that e-cigarettes sell to teenagers. They’re portrayed as cleaner and safer than traditional cigarettes. E-cigs are the new cigarettes — they’re fruity and flavored and fun. We, as teenagers, seem all too happily buy into this trend.

  Besides, vaping is expensive. Extremely expensive. Over the course of just a month, smoking an e-cigarette can cost anything from $65 up to over $200. Plus it’s not even legal for someone under 18 to buy a vape. Breaking the law; breaking the bank — call now and get a brand-new lethal addiction! What a deal.

  Teenagers think that vaping is safer than smoking, and even though there’s no chance you’ll get tar in your lungs, vaping makes it easier for smokers to inhale pathogens, and smokers have a lot of power over what they decide to smoke. says that “e-cigarettes might be one factor in not just setting MRSA (a drug-resistant bacteria that can start painful staph infections) off, but in making it even more resistant to antibiotic treatment.” And vaping still hooks people —  especially teenagers —  on nicotine. So, what happens when you can’t afford the 200 dollars a month anymore? What cheap alternative can supply a steady stream of nicotine? Cigarettes. And we’re right back to where we started.

   Does the idea of a cigarette seem gross to you? You wouldn’t be alone. Remember those creepy commercials where people had to pull off their face and teeth to buy cigarettes? They’re only one example of how far our society has come. There was actually a time when most of us thought smoking was gross, and now? The e-cigarette has turned the tables. It’s a scary thought, but we might be right back where we began with cigarettes and smoking. E-cig companies can even advertise on television, something outlawed in the case of regular cigarettes for over forty years.

   This dangerous new trend is not our fault at all. When teenagers finally deemed smoking as gross and uncool, cigarette companies scrambled to find something they could sell to teenagers — what about one of those new electronic gizmos? That’ll do it. And thus vaping became fun and new and, well, a trend.

  So what are we going to do about it? It’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture: What is vape culture doing to us? Will we go crazy for any new gadget that catches our eye?

  No, we won’t — or we shouldn’t.

An E-cig is a cigarette. Just a really fancy, expensive, and cooler-than-yours cigarette. We can’t fall back into this trend. Vaping is not cool, normal, or better for you. It’s smoking — whatever way you look at it.