I Have a Dream…

(Image Credits: Nike Campbell)

(Image Credits: Nike Campbell)

Sydney Chang, Opinions Editor

I have a dream that one day Martin Luther King Jr. will grace the image of the $10 bill. Who would be more fitting than the man who symbolizes compassion and justice?

The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s was a time of trials and tribulations for people of color and evidently put American justice in danger. Under the Jim Crow laws, bathrooms, dining places, and even water fountains were segregated. Intermarriage was illegal in most of the states while schools were divided between colored children and white children. The quality and the treatment the Black community received were visibly worse compared to that of the white people. Racial discrimination was everywhere.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”

In the midst of this injustice, a minister spoke and shone light on the depressed and suffering. The dark, bleak future people of color originally saw slowly evolved into a hopeful, bright future with the help of one courageous man.

Martin Luther King Jr. deserves to be on the American currency because he represented not just African Americans but all people who deserved protection of their human rights. He recognized a rift in America and sought to build a bridge between the Anglo-Saxons and minority groups. This was not a problem for people of color. This was a problem for all of humanity.

His very famous “I Have a Dream” speech and honorable recognition of the Nobel Peace Prize recognize the long-lasting effects of perseverance. He should be the image Americans and future young Americans follow.

In addition to his humility and great efforts, his honesty and sincerity were highly influential in garnering supporters and recognition from many people. King set goals for his people and encouraged all supporters until the very end. He is not only an icon for the Civil Rights Movement but for equality and acceptance.

Our world is still struggling with injustices and discrimination. In the midst of terrorist attacks on innocent civilians and an immigration crisis, let Martin Luther King, Jr. and his views be a reminder to, not just Americans, but everyone that peace and nonviolence have come a long way and will continue to in the future.