Looks Aren’t Necessarily Everything


Adele has won over 6 Grammys and established herself as one of the best in the industry.

Four American Music Awards. Ten Grammy awards. Thirteen Billboard music awards. Over 11 million albums sold. Adele achieved all of this with simply one powerful voice.

Outer appearance has and always will be important in the entertainment industry. Celebrities appear in headlines for the smallest updates. People naturally like to read about the best dressed celebrities at the Oscars awards show or see pictures of celebrity couples, such as Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, in their casual wear on a lunch date. Seeing and imitating celebrities’ hairstyles and outfits can be amusing, but looks aren’t needed to succeed and garner attention.

I am reminded of this as I watch Adele’s music video for “Hello” (or any of her music videos really) for the 100th time. The music video for “Hello” beat Taylor Swift’s record for most-viewed video in 24 hours with an astounding 27.7 million views on the first day. It was a simple video that portrayed the angsty emotions of a heartbroken and apologetic female. A music video shown in sepia and devoid of any kind of choreography garnered more attention than one that was colorful and showcased different dance numbers, such as “Shake It Off.”

Some could argue that her success with “Hello” was due to her popularity that has built up over the years. But why is this so? It is the allure Adele’s voice brings. Rather than the overall vibe of music videos and performances, the soulful and genuine feelings Adele adds to her singing voice is emphasized. She doesn’t need back-up dancers or stages with impressive props. All she needs to do is step up to the stage and sing.

She has been using solely her voice and continues to be extremely successful. Adele epitomizes the idea that a whole lot of passion and determination can get one far and known.

This realization is so important considering the fact that we live in a society oriented around how we look and how we present ourselves to others. We live in a materialistic world where reports of what Kylie Jenner wore to an event beats the tragic news of the terrorist attacks in Paris that affected hundreds of innocent lives. We live in an unfortunate age when sex and drugs sell and flashy overshadows traditional and classy.

Adele reminds us that singers don’t have to twerk or show too much skin to share love for music. May she be the light in our world of corruption.