Finals are On Their Way


Zoey Greenwald, Staff Writer

  Here’s the world’s shortest horror story:

  Finals are coming.

  After our two whole days of fall, Santa Clarita has plunged into a whacky winter wonderland filled with days starting at 45 degrees and ending at 86 degrees. Walmart is stock-full of Christmas trees, and $50 advent calendars rest in the windows of Starbucks.

  For many, this says “Christmas Time!” but there is still something standing in between our last few weeks of school and presents under the tree.


  I know, I know, nobody wants to hear about finals. And if you’re a freshman like me this is your first time around. Also, if you’re like me, you’ve been pushing the idea of finals out of your mind since November started.

  But it’s time to face the facts:

  Finals are important.

  Here’s a little warning: next week, everybody will be really grumpy and stressed out. As a freshman, most of us won’t know what to do.  And when it comes to the tests, we’ll be searching for answers like chickens with our heads cut off. Finals are not going to be fun.

  But that doesn’t mean that we can be a jerk to everyone around us.

  I don’t know who’s idea it was to have all the tests for every class over the course of just one week, but I already don’t like them.

  Finals week is going to turn everybody into walking balls of stress, underslept, and malnourished, barely surviving on that one cup of God-awful coffee — it’s a scary thought, especially for freshmen.

  But if we can get through this together, it will be over a lot sooner.

  First of all, the most important thing is to remember to relax. There is absolutely no reason to stress out over these tests. The nerves will only make everything worse — it’ll make you unhappy and, in turn, will turn everyone around you sour. Just remember to take deep breaths and chill out. Maybe take a spa day or, God forbid, a nap. You deserve it.

Even though you have three tests today and you haven’t studied and your alarm didn’t go off on time this morning, please don’t take it out on someone else. A negative atmosphere during finals may be inevitable, but it’s our job to do anything we can to soften the blow, be nice to others, stay calm, and make finals week a little better for everyone.

  Besides, finals week isn’t even a full week. Just remember that it’ll be over soon. And while you’re sleepily staring at that blank scantron, try thinking about your holiday traditions and family. That’s your reward for getting through this week. Hot cocoa and presents and paper snowflakes can wait just a few days, right? After this test is over, we can get ready for the real holidays.

     If you can’t avoid the stress, just try not to push it on to anyone else. Everybody’s going to be a little stressed out during finals week — it’s not just you.  It is our job to remember to breathe and make finals a little less stressful for everyone. Don’t freak out. It’s just a few tests.

  So, finish that test with confidence. Relax — it’ll all be over soon.