Why I’m not supporting Hillary

Gamin Kim, Staff Writer

Hillary Clinton is  speaking in front of a crowd.
Hillary Clinton is speaking in front of a crowd.

People presume that women support and vote for Hillary Clinton just because of the fact that we are of the same gender.

No, I’m not supporting Hillary Clinton just because I am a woman.

It frustrates me to think that people expect others to support a candidate because of this characteristic. Gender has nothing to do with choosing for the next president or senator. People believe that since female candidates tend to be the minority compared to the male candidates, women feel that it is an easier choice and a much simpler one to pick from the  pool of women candidates. Women campaigning for president is admirable. Women in American history have contributed so much to the political field. Historical context shows that women have had an influential and significant impact in American politics, but that is still not a valid and applicable reason to say that women should necessarily support female candidates.

With her recent email scandal and the Benghazi hearings, she is an incompetent candidate to become the next president of the United States. Clinton also have scandals involving her Clinton Foundation and her personal health. This summer, Hillary’s personal physician released a report saying that a concussion and blood clot in the brain forced her to faint in 2012. Her health problems such as dizziness and trembling in her hands has urged her to cut back on several meetings and also led her husband Bill Clinton to persuade her to have a full-time physician.

Clinton has the credentials and the political experience to back her presidential candidacy, but being a former First Lady to the United States and a former Secretary of State does not necessarily correlate to her being a good president.

Also, just because I believe in liberal principles does not mean I will conform to the majority opinion of the Democrats of choosing Hillary over Bernie Sanders. While Bernie Sanders has maintained his power through the many small donations of supporters, Hillary Clinton has support from major donors and has a Super PAC, independent committees to support one candidate anonymously with large, undisclosed sums of money, ready to advocate for her beliefs. The reason behind Hillary’s support is that she comes from one of America’s most influential political families: the Clintons. While during her term as Secretary of State, Clinton was able to gain support although she did not manage to achieve little or any success for her country. Her last name alone equates for power. The Clintons are a millionaire powerhouse that achieves success from their financial background. Her supporters are blinded by the family name; they believe that electing another family powerhouse will end the domestic turmoil in politics going on in the United States.

All of her resume and work in politics is nothing compared to her stances and beliefs on economic, foreign, and education policies. If the United States truly wants a distinguished candidate as their next president, the people should really be aware of what each candidate represents for.