The Psychology Behind Trump Supporters

Donald Trump is giving a speech to his supporters during his presidential race.

Donald Trump is giving a speech to his supporters during his presidential race.

Gamin Kim, Staff Writer

“[Mexico is] sending people that have lots of problems and [Mexicans are] bringing those problems with us. [Mexicans are] bringing drugs, bringing crime, rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”

“I will build a great wall- and nobody builds better walls than me, believe me- and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern borders, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

“This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING s*** has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps, and our GW scientists are stuck in ice.”

All of these quotes were said by one particular presidential candidate. His name is Donald Trump. And even after his absurd propositions, Trump is still at the top of every Republican presidential poll.

Earlier in the presidential race in September, people were very positive that Trump would be a goner in a matter of weeks. People were hopeful that the slogan “Make America Great Again!” would soon be flung into the wastebasket. Political scientists predicted that Trump would fade away from the presidential political scene soon enough. Since then, their views have dramatically changed inversely, and it seems as if it will be an eternity until we don’t see his words on every newspaper headline.  

Donald Trump has managed to turn every Republican poll in his favor. In a recent poll from USA Today, Trump is leading by a full 10 points ahead of his fellow opponent, Ted Cruz. In a CNN poll also comparing Republican presidential candidates, Trump is leading by an astounding 20 points from Cruz. Even with his outrageous views about his proposal to ban Muslims from the country, there are no significant drops from his popularity among supporters. In fact, a new poll conducted by Bloomberg Politics even suggested that nearly two-thirds of the GOP primary voters agreed with his stance on banning Muslims from entry into the country.

It’s certainly fascinating to see the stupendous amount of voters supporting Trump. I presume most of his supporters have a fairly knowledgeable view of the events that are circling internationally and domestically. Most of the voters have received an education that is higher than most of the countries across the globe, and therefore should be able to think a basic degree of logic and reason. It is questionable and puzzling how these people are watching him speak in front of them in person, tirading his views on a variety of topics such as foreign policy and terrorism.

Donald Trump’s words of his personal beliefs of hatred directly contrast with the majority view of the American people. With his words such a sharp contrast to the original American ideology and morality, how is Trump managing to secure so many of the presidential votes, such as in New Hampshire and Iowa? Is there something unseen or unknown of him other than his brilliantly illuminating blonde hair and his controversial quotes on women and immigration?

Donald Trump is in no way superior to all of the other presidential candidates. What really sets him to be different, however, is that he is a master opportunist. Trump has stepped into the presidential race in a time period of frustration and anger of the American people. Trump knows exactly the minds of the voters- the people are outraged by the ineffectiveness of Congress to achieve anything for the greater good of the country; the people think the candidates are all the same, with their empty promises to fix the economy and social policies but their reality in acting with minimum determination and rhetoric. Thinking through the voters’ minds, Trump playfully manages to toy with words to reach the fears of the people directly to the conflicts that are all too horrific and all too prevalent to modern society. Donald Trump promises with what no other presidential candidate will ever say aloud publicly; through his physical appearance and direct diction, he creates a persona for himself.

In addition to his radar for opportunity, Trump rarely creates any hints of uncertainty in his speeches. His words are spat out; his tongue does not hold back against anything he possess in his mind. Rather than most candidates targeting a broad topic, Trump hits a certain detail with preposterous words and without any caution to further achieve his purpose. When he is on the podium, he sends the message straight across. Outspoken on many of the country’s policies, the words he chooses are much more straightforward and concise to the listeners.

And he also provides the answers to some of the most controversial questions that a presidential candidate must answer- all in a sentence or two. To a nation where these questions are urged to be answered directly by a person of power or authority, Trump is doing exactly that. Trump solves the United States’ future concerns without any uncertainty. Rather than revolving around the question to give rather an ambiguous problem as an answer, Trump’s mouth does the solution. And that is what some of the voters have wanted for, in a very long time. The voters have suddenly become strikingly attracted to Trump. Believing that Trump is the solution to all the domestic conflicts, voters are now pulled into an immense vortex. But the real problem is the number of people that supports Trump’s campaign. Trump and his voters are now tearing up the Republican Party and is a direct threat to the presidential race.

The future question to the 2016 presidential race is now this: How will the US prevent this flurry of a disaster from the next presidency? The people need to set their minds on a proper candidate, one that will prove fit for the role of a president- with less than a year left, the clock is ticking.