Creativity is Dangerous


Zoey Greenwald, Staff Writer

     Writer’s block may just be the worst feeling in the world. It feels like there’s nothing in your head- like you’re utterly lost. Like it’s on the tip of your tongue, whatever it is.

  “What was I gonna say again?”

  Trust me, I say this from personal (too personal, if you ask me) experiences. The thing that’s most scary about writer’s block, perhaps, is the fact that it forces you to go a little deeper. You have to keep on digging and digging for more ideas after you’d thought you’d hit bedrock. And it can get dark down there.

  Whenever I watch action movies, I like to think about the amount of bravery required for the hero to succeed. Captain Picard fighting in court for the sake of all humanity. Indiana Jones facing his greatest fear–snakes. How noble. How difficult. How brave. At some point during our heroes’ adventures, I’m bound to think, “I would never have the courage or strength to do that.

  And that’s why I’m not a skydiver or a stuntwoman. That’s why I stick to writing, where I can sit in my own living room with a laptop, type something onto paper, and get on with my life.

  But I’ve realized all too soon that I’ve gotten involved in the most dangerous business that there is. Creativity.

    Creativity is dangerous. Creativity is the art of letting your thoughts delve into the deepest parts of your mind and having the courage and the death-defying fearlessness to witness head-on what they bring back. Creativity is having five thousand what-if’s to explore and studying them all intensely.

  Being ready. Being fearless. Taking the plunge.

  There are parts of our minds that we don’t want to explore. Places that hold dark, overwhelming or even crazy thoughts. But creativity is looking at those thoughts right in the eye, tearing them apart, and putting them back together. Creativity is figuring those thoughts out, one by one.

  Being an artist is just putting them down on paper.

  So, to achieve the dreaded “Writer’s block,” we lie. We tell ourselves things like “there’s nothing in my head.”

  But there is. It’s not about having ideas– it’s about having the courage to express them. It’s about diving in and searching the very depths of our minds fearlessly.

  And me? All I know is that I’m ready. Maybe I haven’t quite reached The Temple of Doom yet. Maybe I’ve just now found that first snake in that first flight on that plane. I know that I’m ready to go on that adventure, and I’m ready to face those thoughts, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still have a lot of learning to do. In the next three years alone, I’ll be put through essay after essay, English class after English class. I have time to grow as long as I’m open. As long as I can take the risk and dive right in.

  Even if taking that plunge is scary, it’s also worth it. When we look inside ourselves and harness our creativity, things change. We discover more about ourselves. We discover more about the world.

  I have no doubt that creativity is one of the most dangerous businesses in the world. But that’s why it’s my favorite. It allows our minds to go places we never even dreamed possible. It pushes us to our limits and even further. It makes us think, it makes us wonder, and it makes us dream.

  It makes us everything we are.