Trumpocalypse: Checking and Balancing Trump


Gamin Kim, Opinions Editor

Before you start reading: The scale to measure President Trump weekly is from blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, with red being the worst and blue being the best.

Two weeks ago was one of the worst weeks in Donald Trump’s presidency.

Starting the week on Tuesday, the White House finally told the public it was back in control. Trump’s speech to Congress finally gave an impression to many that he was the acting as the president of the United States, speaking to the people and addressing concerns about the recent anti-Semitic and white supremacist attacks that he had ignored to speak about previously.

But contrary to what the executive branch claimed, the speech wasn’t a success. Trump chose to talk about the failed Yemen raid during his speech, but rather than explaining, he passed the topic completely off with a gesture applauding the Navy SEAL who passed away during the raid. Further disregarding the context and the gravity of the situation, he then tells a joke relating the long period of applause to a broken television record.  

Apparently to him, breaking records on live television is more important than the death of an American soldier. I found that to be highly disrespectful. Although many media outlets reported that this was a high point of his administration, I had to disagree. I didn’t see the speech as the way to convince and persuade. It was a clever method to dissuade and cover up truths by putting on an elaborate show, and also a clear distinction from the honor and esteem Trump spoke of when talking about American troops during his presidential campaign.

I thought things could only go better from here. After all, the speech overall was not spectacular; he spoke with an eloquent style that was a significant contrast to his previous speeches at rallies and conferences.

But then, President Trump always needs to tell people that they are wrong. What happened Wednesday evening was no exception when two articles by Time magazine and the Washington Post provided insight once more about the connection between Trump’s administration and the Russian government. The articles described that several members of Trump’s current cabinet, particularly Attorney General Jeff Sessions, had met with Russian officials during the 2016 election.

For the rest of the week, the scandal involving Attorney General Jeff Sessions caused the White House to spiral out of control with the President fuming to his fellow advisors, according to multiple verified reports.

I give President Trump a yellow on his performance for the past week. Although Trump had another scandal inside his administration and could not improve his public image, he did not wreck the country in itself, and that deserves at least a better rating than a red.