Dear Older Generations, I’m Sorry

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Dear Older Generations, I’m Sorry

Chika Winston, Staff Writer

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Dear older generations,

  I’m sorry.

  I know you want us to be married at 20, have two kids by 25, and be settled down with the    perfect house with the perfect husband in the perfect town all by the age of 30.

  But we don’t.

  We want to make you proud, so you have stories to tell your great-grandkids how our generation was the turning point in time. We really do. But we don’t want to be stuck in an office cubicle slaving away towards a government that gives nothing back to us. We don’t want to spend our whole lives paying off debt.

  We want to make a difference. We want the world to know that we were alive to make some noise. We refuse to sit down and just slowly watch the days tick by on a little clock. We are restless people, and we want to run.

  We are spontaneous — wanting to make an indifference in this world. Ideas are being thrown left and right, as we just keep going.

  That’s why we travel. That’s why we move. That’s why we scream and shout.

  And when you try to tell us that we are lazy, that we do nothing but text on our phone, that we are the generation that screwed up everything, it makes us mad. You don’t understand. You don’t understand how much we want to change the world; but instead, we have to idly watch the days go to waste as you screw it up for us to clean up.   

   We go outside where the world is in crumbles. We read and see and talk about the world dying. And we are all scared, knowing we are in charge of the world once you are gone. And we don’t know what to do.

  We aren’t the reason why the Iraq-Afghanistan war started in 2001. We aren’t the reason why the Bush administration sent America into economic depression due to increased military spending in two wars.

 We aren’t the reason why the natural resources on our planet l had already been decreased by 30 percent in 2008. Most of us hadn’t even been born when any of these events happened, and you are the only ones left to blame.

   Baby boomers criticize us relying on technology all the time, but they made separate pools for African Americans.

   When looking at the 2016 election, you are the only ones that I can point fingers to. The oldest member of Generation Z as of 2018 is 19, so during the 2016 election, all of us were hiding in our rooms, praying that you would for once make the right decision for America. And you didn’t. You had one job: Pick an America you want us to be happy in. Now instead of the American Dream, we get to see families in detention centers all over the United States encouraged by our president himself.

  Why is it that whenever there is a problem, it’s us that gets the blame? Is it because you are too scared to admit to yourself that you are the reason why everyone is in trouble?

  Vox showed us that there is a $4 trillion deficit in infrastructure and maintenance, and the baby boomers were the ones who allowed it to crumble and make it happen.

  You always say to make a difference, but none of you take us seriously enough for us to want to make a difference. And before you say that we are dumb teens who don’t know what to do, that’s exactly the reason why we get mad. We are emotional teens filled with hormones and rage. We don’t know how to save the world. And when you say something about us being lazy teens who are so dramatic, we get completely tipped over.

  The truth is we’re scared. We’re scared that we might actually destroy America, and it does not help that you keep relentlessly blaming us for messing up an America we did not mess up.

   We were not offered a good politician in our generation. We didn’t have some world-renowned philosopher like Hans Albert that took an interest in us, and taught us ways we can live a fuller life. We became an afterthought, someone you could criticize and make fun of. You never understood our definition of cool or sad or happy.  

  Whenever I overhear discussions about my generation, I hear about the skyrocketing suicide rates and cases of clinical depression, which has been revealed by the Center for Discovery. The increase for suicide has been dramatically increasing as every 100 minutes, a teen takes their own life. This generation is edging towards one of the worst mental health epidemics in years. It makes me conflicted when I want to try to tell them why we’re so mentally destroyed, but I know they’ll just see me as another screwed up 16 year old trying to face the small world that makes up my life.

  This is the problem. If we ever try explaining anything to an adult, they just laugh at us.

  Maybe you think we are entitled, apathetic, impatient. People that didn’t work for what they have.  But did you ever realize it’s because we are teenagers who haven’t lived what you call the “real world” yet. Why can’t we be teenagers that run down roads in shopping carts, take photos for fun with friends, play baseball, and make mistakes without the opinion of you saying we are “immature” and “screwed.”

  So older generations, I’m sorry that we’re not like you.We don’t settle down easily, but maybe that’s a good thing.

  We are a generation of change. We realize that we all have a voice in this world, and we will fight for it. We are a time of activism and movement.

  We are the ones that are going to change the world.

  Not because we choose to.

  But because we have to.

  And we’re not sorry.

  Your local “screwed up” Generation Z girl.