NBA Season Preview

NBA Season Preview

Training camps opened on Oct. 2 to get teams ready for another season. The season, which tips-off on Oct. 30, will feature new lineups, new hopes, and new champions.

In the offseason, many players handled their free agency options. Joe Johnson, a top five shooting guard last season, was acquired by the Nets after averaging 21 points per game in the last seven seasons for the Atlanta Hawks. Another elite shooting guard, Jason Terry was signed by the Boston Celtics. This was an excellent move because the Celtics were in desperate search for a shooting guard after losing future hall of famer, Ray Allen, to the Miami Heat. Many fans wonder how these players will do in new uniforms and their teams hope to do well with their newly acquired shooting guards.

Roster-wise, the Lakers were the MVP of this offseason. Acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, the Lakers surprised many fans. The Lakers are usually one of the teams that do nothing noteworthy in the offseason. However, the aging team proved themselves championship worthy by signing two all-stars. After being eliminated by the young and loaded Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs last year, the Lakers knew they needed more fuel in the tank. Well, they definitely got what they wanted in Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Steve Nash will bring his accurate shooting and passing to aid the team. He also brings support for Kobe Bryant in the backcourt as well as leadership for the rest of the team but some people question how Kobe will work with Nash. Kobe, being recognized as one of the most selfish players in the NBA, makes analysts doubt how this will work out. Dwight Howard brings his big size and world-class defense for the Lakers but, losing Andrew Bynum to gain Dwight Howard was a questionable move, as many critics think that Andrew Bynum will bloom to become a beast in the near future. If the Lakers use their new players in smart and effective ways, they will see themselves in the finals. However, their roster shows that there is a large margin for error.

Many players and teams believe that this is their year. Most fans believe the teams in contention for the championship this year are the Heat, Thunder, Lakers, Spurs, Celtics, and Bulls. The defending champions, Miami Heat, will hope to continue where they left off. Lebron James will again try to claim a trophy. The Thunder, who are led by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, will try to learn from mistakes and become even more explosive this year. The Lakers will attempt to find a way to get Kobe, Nash, and Howard to work together. The Spurs are not getting any younger with a 36-year-old Tim Duncan, but always seem to find themselves in a high ranking. The Celtics are old like the Spurs, but are currently rebuilding around speedy guard Rajon Rondo. The Bulls have to hope that Derrick Rose comes back strong from his injury in order to really challenge the Heat and Celtics.

The teams with the most potential are the Nets, 76ers, Hornets, Cavaliers, and Bucks. These teams have young stars that are constantly becoming better and better. The Nets hope to become a playoff team by building a good bond between Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. The 76ers hope to make the Lakers regret losing Andrew Bynum by turning him into a constant winner.  The Hornets were the biggest winners in the NBA Draft, as they snatched the first overall pick to get a versatile player in Anthony Davis. They took it even further by picking Austin Rivers, a point guard who will compliment Davis. The Cavs have Rookie of the Year winner Kyrie Erving who is doing everything to turn Cleveland into a playoff team. The Bucks quietly acquired a good scorer in Monta Ellis, who will help point guard Brandon Jennings lead his fast paced offense.

This upcoming season will provide entertainment and memories for everyone.